Crepe Myrtle

Colours of summer…

Summer is vibrant. This year we are not in drought. The occasional shower passes over, enough to give the plants a welcome boost of moisture to temper the heat of the sun. Being on the coast the gentle afternoon sea breezes drift in keeping the temperature to a pleasant 28-30 degrees. So I’m actually enjoying this season.

But there are 2 months of summer still left. Things may change. So I potter around in the garden appreciating the beauty around me.

The Crepe Myrtle has just burst into an exuberant display of candy pink flowers with a background of the clear summer blue sky.

Crepe Myrtle

Or later in the afternoon, with the golden light turning it to a dusky display.colours (14 of 24)_4920x3482The jaunty bromeliad and the Heliconia both love the heat and thrive for weeks They flare and burst into a blaze of red and say “look at me”.

This year I have been falling in love with annuals, creating a cottage style garden now that the palms have gone and the garden is flooded with light. Zinnias love this heat and the colours are so diverse

The delicate cosmos sways in the wind, but such a tough survivor. I planted them to remind me of the swathes of pink, white and purple lining the roads everywhere in South Korea and spilling into every spare gap.

colours (19 of 24)_5184x3888I am also spreading Australian natives around and this Kangaroo Paw is making it’s mark. Behind it the new Grevillea “Peaches and Cream” is slowly establishing itself.colours (21 of 24)_5184x3888Other natives are also filling gaps, but they mainly flower in winter and spring, so more of those in another post. I’m hoping they will eventually spread and fill the spaces that at the moment are covered by the annuals. There are 4 native shrubs tucked in this bed.colours (7 of 24)_5184x3888But there is something else bobbing around here…

Jack has caught me unawares. Yes there I am like a busy bee keeping the weeds under control…

Gardens are not made by singing ‘Oh, how beautiful,’ and sitting in the shade.

Rudyard Kipling

Jack’s creatures are keeping an eye on things too…colours (11 of 24)_5184x3888

The gorgeous Poinciana and frangipani  are still flowering.

colours (4 of 24)_2984x2086

To finish on a more subdued note the white Peace Lily gleams among the dark green foliage.colours (3 of 24)_2205x2687

“I grow plants for many reasons: to please my soul, to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience, for novelty, or for nostalgia, but mostly for the joy in seeing them grow.” -David Hobson

There was a shower last night and I lay in bed rejoicing in the fact that I had just put in some dwarf marigold seedlings to replace the phlox that gave such a splendid show through spring. Now it is late afternoon time to go out into the garden and wander around, maybe some flowers need dead heading, maybe a stray weed or two will need pulling, maybe some rampant plants will need restraining, but mainly the garden needs to be admired and loved. Then sit awhile with a glass of wine as the sun goes down.


  1. I liked the photo of you framed in the mirror working, or is it really playing, in the garden.
    Reading the quotes this post made me think, ” What is the difference between I like you and I love you?”
    When you like a flower you pick it, when you love a flower you water it and care for it.

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  2. You and Jude are kindred spirits in this respect, aren’t you, Pauline? 🙂 🙂 That first zinnia is a stunner, and the Grevillea to die for 🙂 I know- a tad dramatic! Something rather wonderful happened to me yesterday. I was wandering back from town and paused to admire and take photos of a superb poinsettia tree. Just then the owner of the property came home and asked, with a smile, if I’d like a cutting. She showed me into her garden and pointed out a small tree- about 2 feet tall! I was gobsmacked! I staggered home with it with an idiot grin on my face. I never did get the photos 🙂

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  3. A lovely contented post PP. Your garden is blooming now the trees are gone. I might try some Zinnias this year myself, but they will have to be plants as otherwise the slugs will get to them. And I do envy you those frangipani and grevilleas.


  4. Still struggling to reply to blog.. but at least I get them now!!
    See you soon .. hope it not too hot!

    Jackie Carroll
    Managing Director |Owner
    m +64 21 342766

    The TLL way – achieving what matters…

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  5. Oh, it’s all looking glorious. I wish the rain you’re getting would extend further west. My crepe myrtle has been in bloom for about two months now. She is so beautiful, with baby pink flowers. I love her. You’ve reminded me that I must plant some cosmos.

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