Len’s-Artist photo challenge : Travel…

Travel it can become a passion, an addiction. The yearning to keep moving round the next bend, over the hill, to the next country. img076


Looking for new experiences. Discovering different cultures. img138

The rush of joy and exhilaration when the strange and unexpected happens. img022

The overwhelming feeling when seeing a sight so beautiful it takes your breath away.img011

Is it genetic, something in your DNA that gives you the yearning to be a gypsy, constantly on the move. img013

With this weeks photo challenge it made me think about why I had done so much travel.

I don’t really know, but I do know I will never forget a life of travel. Memories and experiences that will be with me forever.

Thank you Amy for the “lens-artists photo challenge” of travel this week. It has brought back many memories.


  1. Some pretty amazing photos … great memories.

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  2. You were certainly born with wanderlust PP. You have travelled far and wide and very happily. Is there anyone else in your family who had the travel bug? It’s not for everyone though. Some folk are very content to stay within their comfort zone. I often wonder now whether their lives are as enriched? They probably have much stronger family ties by not being always on the move. Then there are travellers who simply tick boxes for the sake of it. Wanting to visit every country or continent, but not really engaging with anything. We are all different and that’s a good thing, I love travelling vicariously at the moment. The actual mechanics of going abroad are simply too tiring now.

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    • Non of the rellies were travellers, but then there wasn’t the opportunities before the 1930/40’s unless you were rich. My daughter loves to travel when she can but is tied down with a business. But my son is a home body. I do sometimes wonder what it would be like living in the bosom of a large family, but I think I would get restless. As you say it takes all sorts….

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  3. One of the most excellent advantages of living in California is that we can do so much travelling without really travelling. I mean, there is so much diversity within such a limited area that just traveling around California is as interesting as travelling around the entire continent. However, the most compelling destinations here are not everything, and can not compensate for other cultures. No matter how much I want to see in California, there is still a bit outside. If I never get there, that would be okay, but I would like to get out more . . . as long as it does not involve wallabies.


  4. The places you been and things you’ve seen! I would love to see all of them! I believe I was born under a wandering star. I love to travel. Meet new people, experience different food, cultures, and architecture, and though I have traveled quite a bit throughout my own country I’ve only been to a few other countries mores the pity!
    With any luck and enough time, I’ll get to see a few more places outside my country that are on my bucket list. There are still places in my own country I long to see as well.

    It was lovely seeing the younger you on your bike!

    I hope one day I like my younger self-images enough to share. I’ve always preferred me on the other side of the camera. 😃


    • I’m usually on the other side of the camera. I was very fit at that stage of my life, late 40’s, that is when I started travelling overseas. Keep fit and healthy Deborah and it is never too late to follow your dream


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