Len’s-Artist Photo Challenge : Shadows

This week the Len’s-artist photo challenge from Tina is “shadows”. This made me think back to 2014 when we were house sitting in Canberra. A very memorable day was spent exploring the National Museum of Australia. So much history about Australia to absorb. But it was the magnificent building, the starkness and cast shadows that remained in my memory, so I went searching through the archives to find the photo and revive my memories. Here is that post.


Another image, also from Canberra, has stayed in my mind over the years and was brought back by the prompt of this challenge. It is the visit to the National Arboretum .(this link will take you back to that visit) Walking through these forests that have been planted after the horrendous bush fires of 2003. To see the growth and burgeoning life now created after so much devastation is heart warming and at the end of the day the sun filtered through the trees creating shafts of silver.


  1. The second photo reminds me of ‘Spring Frost’ painting by Elioth Gruner a favourite of mine in the Sydney Art Gallery. You will recall the one and the Canberra windows photo has stayed in my mind too. All great recalls prompted by this post..

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