Changing Seasons : February 2019

It has been a month filled with catastrophes all round Australia. Bush fires ravaging Tasmania. Horrendous floods in Northern Queensland. Storms hitting Sydney and Melbourne. Then after years of drought the rain came to the outback, but it didn’t bring relief, as it continued to swell the rivers and they broke their banks and flooded thousands of acres, it brought devastation, as thousands of head of cattle drowned.

But what of this area I live, South East Queensland. Well we sat in the middle of all this turmoil. No floods, no fires and hardly any rain. This is, traditionally, the wet season, but only 20mm fell in the first week to be quickly sucked out by the heat of the sun and the winds. Then it was back to regular evening watering. Thank goodness for the new spear pump installed in January. For a while, last week, I thought we would get some rain from Tropical Cyclone Oma heading our way. Then it spun away. But last night it did rain 2.5mm. Finishing the month on a high for me.

I checked back on February 2018. (see here) Back then we had a huge “weather event” with rain, wind and storms in this area. (I had forgotten about that!) also we had major plumbing problems.

We go to New Zealand tomorrow for 4 weeks and the garden is looking good. I will take you for a February walk around, and for me a farewell look.sunrise garden pc 199_4000x3000

sunrise garden pc 211_4000x3000

sunrise garden pc 219_4000x3000

sunrise garden pc 203_4000x3000sunrise garden pc 221_4000x3000I should put the hose away!!!

But now through the gate and round into the back garden.sunrise garden pc 223_4000x3000sunrise garden pc 225_4000x3000

sunrise garden pc 227_4000x3000sunrise garden pc 229_4000x3000sunrise garden pc 232_4000x3000I’m leaving the garden in the good hands of Thelma and Alan, our house sitters, while I am away. So for the next 4 weeks I will be having time out from blogging, and gardening, and will only have limited time to pop over and say “Good Day” to all my blogging Buddies. I will see you all in April. (Goodness where is the year going!!!)


I am now into my second year of recording the changing seasons. What a great way to keep a record of the garden. Thank you Su for hosting this challenge. There are many bloggers from all round the world joining this challenge, here is the link to see what they are all doing.


  1. Your garden looks lovely, especially considering you’ve had to water it in the absence of rain. Your house sitters are fortunate to have such a lovely oasis to enjoy while they’re staying. Wishing you safe travels and happy times with the whanau.

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  2. Not having a front fence is the best way of sharing our garden.
    Your post is the best way of recording and sharing our garden.
    Your link back to last year is a good example and looking back on the problems we had then.
    We can laugh but at the time we were not laughing.
    The moral lesson is, why worry, everything is in passing, in flux and changes.

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  3. The garden is looking lovely and so tidy! Getting rid of those huge palm trees has changed it no end. Have a great time in NZ. I hope you manage to get to the Hamilton gardens and I will look forward to all your tales once you are back home in April 🙂

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  4. You garden looks spectacular, Pauline. I can imagine how difficult it is to maintain with these challenging weather patterns. The swings are alarming – as you know, we are experiencing it in California, too. Scary drought and fires, and now we are drenched with rain and massive snow in the mountains.
    Have a wonderful time in NZ!

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