Neighbourhoods in New Zealand

It is Autumn and we are in New Zealand staying with my son. His neighbourhood is the gently rolling hills of the Waikato, the dairy-country heartland. Usually it is rich, green pasture, but this year it is brown and barren looking, they are gripped by drought and praying for rain. Then one day the dark clouds rolled in and it rained.

Next morning the mist settled in the valleys creating a magical wonderland.A6F94DC5-7676-4F13-AAC7-F862574C78BDAs the sun rose it cast a golden glow on all it touched.1E2B05D4-1688-4637-B91A-8577E7264C01But there has been no more rain and the dairy farmers are in despair, it will be a short milking season this year.



This week we have moved to my daughters neighbourhood in Tauranga, and the beach-side mecca of Mount Maunganui  which is over-looked and dominated by the iconic Mount.46EA53F9-0FB6-428F-8887-5F7092319E35DE5B352F-1DBC-4E70-86AC-597E91E08ECEHere the sun is appreciated. We, very slowly, climbed to the top of Mount Maunganui, quite an achievement. But I will tell you more about that when we get back home.


    • Thanks Tina. Unbelievable horror over here yesterday. But Kiwis are resilient. Did this post on the iPad and not sure how to link it to the lens artist post. But couldn’t resist sending this.


  1. What beauty can be found there, Pauline. I’m glad you’re enjoying your visit. I’m so sorry to hear about the horrific killing spree that went on there in Christchurch. And to think it was inspired by our President and the hordes of white supremacists who support him. It’s despicable.

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  2. My old stamping ground, Pauline, and it’s lovely to see those photos. I’ve had a hard time dealing with what’s happened but grateful that Kiwis are pulling together and supporting those poor people.

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