Changing Seasons : September 2019

I love this time of the year in the garden. It is bursting and blooming with colour and produce. My dreams and plans to turn it from a shady tropical oasis to a native themed, cottage style garden are all coming to life. Silver beet, Zucchini and herbs jostle for space with the annuals as they make a vibrant show in the new central bed that once housed the cane palms.

The hard work of taking down the Golden Cane palms and making endless amounts of compost to build up the new beds is now paying off.

In the side garden the climbing beans are snaking their way up the cane tepee I made for them, and snapdragons, marigolds and salvia nestle in to the spaces around their feet.

We are again going to create a pumpkin patch. Last years attempt was a dismal failure. (see here) So this time we have given them plenty of space to spread and do their thing.

A circle was made in the middle of the bark chip area, (that was once lawn). The weed mat cut and rolled back to reveal that all the grass had not died. So that was dug up and hopefully, removed all the roots. Then a barrow load of compost, fertilizer and minerals dug in. And a pumpkin seedling that had been grown from seed and lovingly watched over for a month in the green house, finally installed in its new bed. That was at the beginning of the month. (Actually I have a confession, I planted 6 seeds in pots and only one came up!!!)

This morning I took another photo. It has been in for 3 weeks now and 6 more seeds planted around the outside of the bed as back ups, they have germinated and popped up too. We won’t be able to leave them all there.september changing seasons garden 036_5184x3888Jack’s Desert roses are all starting to flower and a couple of them have stunning double, deep red flowers.

Another very special native tree comes into spectacular flower during this month. The Syzygium wilsonii  or Powder Puff Lilly-Pilly.

Come round into the back garden with me. Another huge success has been the veggie gardens we created in tubs. They relish the position in full sun and being next to the hose makes it easy to keep the water up to them during this very dry month. (Only 14mm total) Spinach, peas, beans, carrots, radish, aubergine, capsicum and strawberries. The coriander is going to seed but the bees love the flowers so I am leaving it for a while.

september changing seasons garden 007_5184x3888The early Roma Tomatoes produced a bumper crop and have finished now. But the next ones are taking up where they left off. Of course we still share with the gorgeous King Parrots that now come round every pumpkin patch 021_5184x3888We have our breakfast on the front deck, facing east it gets the morning sun. We are joined by our bird buddies, magpies, butcher birds, rainbow lorikeets, kookaburras and occasionally a pee wee, that turn up for their share as pumpkin patch 008_5184x3888

It has also been a busy month with flower shows, garden expos, the swell sculpture festival and not to forget “plein-air painting” group I have joined.

I will end with a gallery of a few more random views around the garden.

I’m enjoying this month. Perfect weather, apart from no rain. Soon the heat and humidity will build up. I may regret planting all the annuals. But the beds are well mulched and hopefully will survive what ever Mother Nature has in store for this this next season.


I’m so pleased Su of “Zimmerbitch” runs this “Changing Seasons” challenge as it prompts me to try and keep a record of each month. I can go back to last year and see what was happening 12 months ago.


  1. Pauline’s beautiful garden or I could say beautiful Pauline’s garden.
    Her beauty is not like the models on the cover of Vogue magazine, all made up with powder and paint.
    Her beauty grows like a natural flower, bringing joy to all in her presence.
    When I walk in her garden of spring flowers I get such a feeling of joy thanks to her loving care and effort.
    Hope you all feel the joy when you look at this great post.

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  2. Such a beautiful garden Pauline, and I know the hard work which has to go into it to maintain it. So good to see your post while I’m in the reader today.
    And good to read Jack’s comment. Please give him my regards. 🙏😀 And much love to you both. 💕

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    • G’day Sue, lovely to hear from you. How has your season been? You do know how much loving labour goes into our gardens, but they pay us back with so much joy. Have you done any blogs lately? I may have missed them as nothing is in my reader


      • Thank you Pauline and yes our garden richly rewards us both in beauty and in produce..
        Yes I am blogging both on my main site and in my Garden blog about once a month.. I am busy preparing a post for both sites today.. but doubt they will both get published on time Lol.. But my last post on September harvest on our allotment plot you can find here.
        Sending Lots of love and well wishes and thank Jack for popping in and liking one of my posts I appreciate it very much 🙂 Much love to you both and take care of each other ❤ Love and Blessings 🙏

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        • Thanks for the link Sue, you don’t seem to be on my reader list. Will check it out later as I am just on my way to my weekly art group. Passed on your love to jack and he sends hugs and love back

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          • Thank you Pauline… Lots of gremlins in the works as I have been unfollowed and those I have been following suddenly I have to search for to see I have been unsubscribed.. So not surprising.. It was a joy I spotted your post this morning 🙂

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  3. Your garden is a treasure trove PP, you and Jack work wonders and have your own slice of Paradise. Love the new beds and your marvellous veggies and the birds! Glad you are both enjoying life and keeping busy. Love to Jack xx

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  4. Everything is beautiful in every way, birds, flowers, pending pumpkins…and yes, they do require room to spread. I daughter had some come up without even trying as last years pumpkins died and seeds were planted…unbeknown to her. They aren’t big pumpkins but three different colors and now decorations in her front border of her house. One never knows. You are doing a wonderful job and so much work is paying off. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Your garden looks absolutely amazing Pauline. You’ve really done a wonderful job in transforming it. And I love to see you growing so many vegetables! Nothing tastes as good a veggies straight from your own garden. As for the gorgeous birds, well, I wouldn’t want to leave your yard–you have everything you need right there.

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    • I agree about the home grown veggies, but I usually don’t bother with them during our hot steamy summer, apart from herbs.i have a break from December through to end of March.


  6. I seem to have lost sight of you and your blog for a while, Pauline. I’ve followed again and hope you’ll appear in my reader. Your hard work in the garden has really paid off. Love your colourful birds and also Jack’s gorgeous Desert Rose. Nice to see everything doing so well. ;0


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