Changing Seasons : November 2019

Today it is the official first day of summer, but it feels as though it has been summer right through November. A disastrous month on all fronts. Records broken for the lowest rain fall in November since records began, with ZERO rain for our part of Queensland. (Previous low was 15.6mm in 2011. Average November rainfall is 90mm). Catastrophic bush fires ravaging large parts of this corner of Australia.

Then last night came the welcome sound of a storm, with rain falling most of the night. This morning there was 15.5mm in the rain gauge.

Thankfully we have a spear pump so I have been watering the garden every evening and the garden has repaid me with a beautiful show of colour.

The tropical flowers love this climate and are flaunting their vibrant colours. November is the month that the dazzling, fiery red of the Poinciana trees light up all around the area.jacks garden phopos 036_4000x3000And the frangipani steals the show covered with a cloak of sweet smelling flowersjacks garden phopos 033_4000x3000The Dancing Lady orchid sways elegantly from its perch in the fork of a tree.

Our 20 year old Desert Rose is a riot of densely packed blossom.jacks garden phopos 032_3000x4000While Jack’s tribe of carefully nurtured and loved baby Desert Roses are starting to flower. ( These are just a few of the almost 50 that he now has raised from seed. They have become a bit of a passion with him…)november garden pc 019_5184x3888The veggie department is going into recess over summer. But a few still remain.

november garden pc 013_5184x3888The blue tongue lizard arrives every morning for his fruit and mince handout.november garden pc 001_5184x3888

So ends another month and it is count down to Christmas and the “silly season” and I am pleased to relate that I am back firing on all 4 cylinders and it remains a complete mystery as to what caused my black out last month.


Su of “Zimmer Bitch” hosts the “Changing Season challenge” each month and it is a great way to keep a record of the passing months.

Wishing all my blogging buddies a very happy and peaceful Christmas, and best wishes to you all for the coming year.



  1. That last sentence is the most important, hon- back firing on all cylinders! 🙂 🙂 I imagine you need some energy to water all those incredible plants. It’s been pretty dry here too, but the last week or so has seen a few damp days. Lots more needed but who knows if it will come. Before we know it there’ll be Spring blossom here at this rate. 🙂 Wishing you all the joys that good health brings.

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  2. All that hard work in the garden has stood you in good stead, Pauline. Hooray for your return to good health. You truly have one of the most impressive gardens I’ve ever seen. I love the paper daisies and Jack’s desert rose is divine. Thank goodness for the rain too. Hopefully things are looking up for you and other Queenslanders so badly affected by the drought.

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      • That doesn’t bode well for the wildfires having lived in California for more than 50 years I know how wind plays havoc with wildfires. The wind has been brutal that decade. Fewer trees to buffer it? Weather and Mother Nature have their own plan we’re just trying to live with it and stay one step ahead!

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        • I’m sure nature is fighting back Deborah and we are going to have to change our ways or the results will be disastrous. I think the chopping down of so many trees must have consequences

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  3. What a riot of colour in your garden, Pauline. That desert rose is stunning. And the frangipani. Also am most envious of your aubergines. I seem to have developed a passion for them, and it’s a long time to wait till next July to harvest my own. Glad you’re feeling better, and good to hear that you’ve had some rain. I would have gladly shipped over some of ours 🙂

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  4. Such beautiful photos of your garden and I am sure they are very happy to have you as their keeper. I am so glad you are doing better. With all the heat that you have had there in the last weeks, perhaps you became dehydrated and that caused you to black out. I am finding since my heart surgery and being on blood thinners how important it is to keep hydrated. I drink more water now, I believe, than I have in my entire life. In any case, I am happy you are doing well. I absolutely love your garden. We have snow here today but not a lot and it will probably melt by day’s end. It is our Winter, of course, as opposed to your first day of Summer. Take care.

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    • Thanks Renee for the reminder about drinking water yes it is important and especially in our climate. I had heart surgery 10 years ago so know diet and hydration is important. These scares make me take stock of the lifestyle. I’m feeling ok now

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      • I didn’t know about your surgery, of course, and thanks for sharing with me. Yes, I would imagine it would take you back a bit. You might ease up some on being such a good keeper. Perhaps, you and your husband could get reliable help? I understand totally about the love of a garden. I miss mine. When I had surgery I had to sell my house but I love that you share yours’ with me. Take care.

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  5. I’m so glad to read that you are well again. Long may it stay that way!!!
    Your garden is looking wonderful, and is such a tribute to yours and Jack’s hard work and green fingers.
    Take care, both of you, and I hope you’ll get more rain soon.

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  6. We got some rain last night too, but there was only 3.1 mm in the gauge this morning. Still, it might help settle the dust and refresh things a little. And we’re still harvesting delicious tomatoes. Good news that all is well with you again. Your garden photos are beautiful.

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  7. Beautiful beautiful colors! And I so ADORE THAT YOU FEED THE LIZARD. Most folks in Thailand are terrified of them. We have 2 crocheted tokay lizards as mascots – we are pro-lizards!


  8. I’m so sorry, Pauline, I didn’t know anything about your “black out.” I hope you’re okay now! Your garden must be a healing balm; it’s so vibrant and colorful. I’m so sorry about the very dry season; I hope rain will give you a more steady relief in the coming months. 🙂

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  9. Four cylinders?! How Australian. Actually, is sounds more European or Japanese. My smallest engine had six cylinders. All others had eight. It is good to see you are still enjoying gardening. I don’t get here often to see what you write.

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  10. I have only just seen this Pauline, as I found WordPresshad ‘unfollowed’ me…. I have been thinking about you as we have been hearing of the bushfires…I hope you and Jack are doing OK Wishing you both a good Christmas


  11. So glad to track you back as WP seems to not work with your posts…and So relieved to hear you are all right in the turmoil of fires and heat. Your garden is pure eye candy to our grey autumn and winter. In November we had only 3 hours of clear skies – drizzle and darkness for the rest. Today is Christmas Eve…and it is 7 degrees C, drizzle and darkness. Wish you a Merry Christmas!


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