20/20 Photo Challenge : Composition

A new challenge from my “blogging buddy” Jude has rekindled my interest in photography. Here is how Jude describes the challenge…

20/20 Photo Challenge

“I decided to challenge myself (and possibly you) by trying out various photographic techniques, skills or concepts. If you would like to join in then I have a 2020 Photo Challenge page set up to explain the simple guidelines and proposed monthly assignments.”


This month's final assignment - Simplify your image. 
What is it that you want the viewer to focus on?

(Jude gives tips and hints each week to help with the assignment.)

Trying to include too much in an image often spoils it. An image that is cluttered causes the eye of the viewer to dart around the image trying to make sense of it.

    • Less is more as the old saying goes.
    • Eliminate anything that would distract the eye or is unnecessary to the memory you are attempting to create.
    • Sometimes a photo becomes great because of what we choose to leave out.


I have chosen the garden to focus on this month. It is a huge challenge to eliminate the photo bombing plants and leaves. So this time I scrolled through the hundreds of garden photos from 2019. This is what I found…june garden 019It was the early morning light that caught my eye and made me rush inside for the camera. I did crop it slightly but decided to leave in the bromeliads cheekily hanging over the rocks and pointing toward the agave. Do you think the photo bombing geraniums take the focus away?august garden birds 044This is definitely “less is more”. This family of Magpies regularly sing their hearts out from the highest point of the tv aerial. I can almost hear them when I look at this photo. They inspired me to put them in my art journal…garden 028_4805x3420

Next month there will be a new theme “being creative with patterns”


Jude’s final photo for this month is a stunning shot of the Godrevy lighthouse slowly emerging from the mist.Go over and have a look and maybe you would like to join in the challenge next month.


  1. Those magpies are stunning, what a lovely shot you got there. And your study of them is wonderful; you are such a great artist. In the first photo I think it is the sun flares which are a distraction, but I can see why you wanted to capture that lovely light on the Agave. Thanks again for joining in PP.

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  2. If there’s one sound that sums up Australia for me and takes me back in flash to a wonderful trip some years ago Pauline it’s listening to that clip of the magpie singing .. marvellous ! I see from your earlier comment that to capture them in unison was quite tricky … I can well imagine that …
    LOVE your sketch book / art journal complete with quotes AND rather nice calligraphy 🙂


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