20/20 Photo Challenge : Patterns

Jude is hosting a “20/20 Photo Challenge” (here are the assignments). Each month she sets a new theme and gives tips about what to look for. Last month the theme was “composition”, this month it is “patterns”.

“This month we are going to look at Patterns. Patterns can be found everywhere, in nature or man-made constructions. For a photographer, using patterns is key to a good composition.


They are made up of repeated objects, geometric shapes or abstract patterns, or colours and they may be random or ordered. Visual patterns in nature are often loose and organic โ€“ think of spirals, waves, rock formations, sand.”


grevillea croppedThis week’s assignment โ€“ look for various types of patterns – squares, circles, triangles and so on.

ย Look closely at the stamens of this exquisite Grevillea, they appear to randomly twist and curl into circles creating a thing of beauty. But stand back and they all come together to form the delightful Grevillea flower.early morning garden jan 026This is my first attempt at finding patterns around me. Of course I had to look in the garden. It is SO hot at the moment so I will wait till the weather cools down to wander out into the wider world looking for more examples for next week.

Jude has some terrific examples of patterns. Go to her site and look. Maybe you will be encouraged to join in.


  1. Lovely organic patterns here PP and I like how you went close and then stepped back. Good composition too!
    We could do with some of that heat sending over here please! I hope you have air con! Must admit at those temperatures you wouldn’t find me walking very far. Thanks for joining me again this week ๐Ÿค—

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  2. Just shows it’s all in the *seeing eye Pauline ! You’ve found a great example there of patterns in that to me rather exotic flower . Love its curly wurlie spirals ๐Ÿ™‚

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