The joy of rain

rain video 004It is raining again and the magpies are singing with joy on the back deck.

Meanwhile, from the front deck, the rain is cascading down the drive and the the garden is soaking up energizing moisture.

It is forecast to rain all week. Also forecast storms and flash flooding. But at the moment I am just loving this beautiful, steady life giving rain.


  1. I don’t think I have ever heard our Maggies singing! I’m glad you have rain, your garden will be so lush. I’m afraid we have another storm coming in from across the Atlantic so another weekend of high winds and rain for us.

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  2. You captured the joy of the rain.
    The Magpies were warbling for me to bring them their breakfast also as
    on a hot day they come for a spray, when I am using the hose.
    I think they have well me trained Pauline.

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  3. Here too! It started in earnest yesterday afternoon and continued all through the night and into the morning. There’s been a let up in the last hour but according to the forecast there’s more on the way. It’s incredible how quickly the grass looks green again. My roses look much happier.

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  4. Renergising all round Pauline ! I love those magpies to- ra -looing on the balcony:) What a downpour that was more hay garden for you .. the speed of regrowth is truly astonishing in such conditions . Hope though it doesn’t bring too much chaos .

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    • Still raining,3 days now, and the chaos on the roads and transport systems is building. SES volunteers busy removing fallen trees and rescuing trapped people etc and rain forecast to keep on keeping on all week.


      • Oh no ๐Ÿ˜ฆ that’s not good . Sincerely hope things improve Pauline x
        What devastation Australia has suffered recently with th extremes of weather …

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        • Still raining and more to come. I cannot remember ever having it rain for such a long continuous time in this area. More like a tropical zone, certainly climate change happening


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