20/20 Photo Challenge : Patterns

Jude is hosting a “20/20 Photo Challenge” (here are the assignments). Each month she sets a new theme and gives tips about what to look for. Last month the theme was “composition”, this month it is “patterns”.

“This month we are going to look at Patterns. Patterns can be found everywhere, in nature or man-made constructions. For a photographer, using patterns is key to a good composition.

Each week Jude sets a new assignment and this week is a real challenge :

This week’s assignment is a bit more difficult – Break the pattern, disrupt the continuity in some way.

Hmmm… Had to think about this one. But Jude has posted some excellent examples (see here).  So I have just spent an hour scrolling through past photos, having a lovely trip down memory lane. Really the idea of the challenge is to go out looking for new photos, but again the weather has turned too hot. So here I am sitting in my fan cooled “play room/studio” looking for inspiration. These are what I found…Roma Street parklands 075croppedThe tropical beehive ginger plant has such a perfectly, symmetrical flower spike, but the actual  tiny flower heads open and break that pattern, saying “look at me”early orning farm walk grasses pc 031 cropped_3028x2157Among a pattern of swaying vertical grasses the sun highlights the pink, spherical shape of the clover flower. Again breaking the pattern both in colour and shape.early orning farm walk grasses pc 026_4000x3000Now for something a bit different. The rust colour of the barbed wire almost matches the colour of the lichen on the shaded left side of the post. But then it breaks the colour scheme as the sun turns the lichen on the right side of the post to an iridescent gold.sunset tweed river-10_4000x3000croppedFinally, pushing the interpretation a bit here. But I love the silhouette of these trees against the pattern of the sky as the sun sets.


A while back Jude asked me how the Buddha Belly plant was getting on, so I am putting in a gallery of images I took a couple of days ago. Just for you Jude…buddha belly journal art cyclone ocean 013_3888x5184

buddha belly journal art cyclone ocean 008_5184x3888



  1. All fabulous examples PP. The clover is perfect – you didn’t have to place it there? The sky is actually a good one for next week. You will see why. And thanks for the Buddha Belly pics. I had no idea what to expect other than the swollen trunk, but what unusual leaves it has. Jack must be very proud of his babies 😊

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