20/20 Photo Challenge : March Texture #2

This month we are looking at textures. While the structure of an object is its form, the material from which it is made constitutes its texture. Is it hard or soft, smooth or rough?  You are aiming at translating texture visually, bringing life and energy to a photo through shape, tone and colour. Study the texture and forget about the object. Texture becomes the subject here.

This week Jude has chosen, shells, sculpture and rocks. Take a look here and be inspired.

This week’s assignment – Find something rough and get in close. Try contrasting a rough texture against a smooth texture

Murwillumbah R n J pc 042_4000x3000Wrights water gardens pc 191_4000x3000 crop

If you would like to join in with the 2020 photo challenge then please take a look at the 2020 Photo Challenge page. No complicated rules, just a camera required 🙂


  1. I typically do not stop for these posts, but that pine bark got my attention. I don’t know what species it is, and there are too many species to know them all, but I do know it is a pine.

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  2. Sooo love your bark, Pauline!
    (Hope that doesn’t sound as weird. You know wha’a’mean!)
    Perhaps that’s something I like about fabric. Will think about that ….
    Hugs to you & Jack❣️❣️

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