20/20 Photo Challenge : March, texture #4

This month we are looking at textures. While the structure of an object is its form, the material from which it is made constitutes its texture. Is it hard or soft, smooth or rough?  You are aiming at translating texture visually, bringing life and energy to a photo through shape, tone and colour. Study the texture and forget about the object. Texture becomes the subject here.

This week’s assignment – Try to mix your texture with other colours and patterns

Having been in Sydney for a few days the camera had a workout. The Sydney Botanic Gardens were a source of inspiration as we wandered around in the sunshine. sydney jc 099cropThis is the Sausage Tree (Kigelia Africania) and I loved the contrast of textures, the smooth soft green and emerging apricot flowers against the rough, gnarly texture of the trunk. The patterns here are very random so not sure if I have interpreted the “brief” correctly.sydney pc 185cropAnother photo from Sydney. This time as we headed toward the Botanic Garden we came across a delightful sculpture festival in Woolloomooloo (I love how that name rolls off your tongue) . The texture of the boardwalk contrasts beautifully with the smooth glass texture of the sculpture, and what a rich colour.sydney pc 185_3888x5184I would like to take this one home and put it in the garden…

Jude will make your mouth water with her interpretation of this weeks assignment. See it here.


  1. Mmm… I commented earlier but my connection took a nose drive so it looks like it got lost.
    I love the aubergine and wouldn’t mind that in my garden! The colour is gorgeous, a rich indigo and sooo smooth. When I first saw the green shoot of the sausage tree I thought is was something growing in the ground as it looks like the muddy bits around here. So that’s a flower bud? I have a feeling you have this tree in your garden? And love the discreet selfie!
    Keep safe PP and Jack xx

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    • I loved the colour of that aubergine too, so rich. No don’t have that tree Jude. It is a tropical, rainforest tree and grows huge. The seed pods look just like sausages, hence the name. Somewhere in the archives I have photos of one covered in “sausages” up in Cairns botanic gardens I think. You stay safe and well too Jude


    • It is spectacular when all the seed pods develop. Looks like bunches of sausages draped all over it. It’s tropical, rainforest and I saw a huge one with all its sausages draped all over it up in the Cairns botanic gardens, spectacular.


  2. Gorgeous shots, Pauline! Love that aubergine, and generally I hate purple. But it reminded me of Chicago’s “bean” sculpture, which is also very smooth but very silver. Your garden’s going to get lots of attention, and we who have none will appreciate your coming photos. 😘 You & Jack stay safe!

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  3. I love that first image, Pauline! So delicate, the emerging flower, contrasted with the bark. And the others are fun 🙂 🙂 Take care, hon! At least you have a big garden to lose yourselves in.

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