Corvid 2020, Weekly Challenge #2

This is a post from my “Gypsy Life” blog. The blog I created when we were travelling. It has now been retired as we are no longer Grey Nomads.

This post dates back to February 2016. Back then there were dozens of crows in this area. They nested in a huge gum tree across the road and their raucous cawing woke us at sunrise and drove us crazy. But then, inexplicably, they disappeared, with the exception of two. They stayed around a while longer. Here’s one of them having a bath. Then they disappeared too. I have no idea where they went. It is over a year since we’ve seen any crows around here.

Tracy Reflections of An Untidy Mind has recently started a challenge and invited bloggers to post any Corvid (crow) photos they may have lurking around in their archives. This is the one and only one I have Tracy, and as there are no crows around here now this will just be a one off involvement in your challenge. But I will keep an eye on what other people have to share with you.


The recent heavy rain has filled the bird bath and this crow is having a great time splashing around.


He looks up, I wonder if he has heard me…


I keep very still, then he carries on with his morning ablutions.


Hopping out he has a shake, droplets of water slide off his glossy feathers…


Then, refreshed and glossy, he takes off for his day’s activities.



  1. There are so many fun ideas about for people to join in while we are all at home. This is a lovely series of photos. This morning while on my morning walk I came across 5 crows who were trying determinedly to get into a rubbish bin on the footpath. Luckily they weren’t having much luck.

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  2. Totally agree with you on “We are lucky to be living in this digital age for communication when we have to stay home.”…I live alone, so daily video calls keep me sane (I think!!!) I try to ring folks without a computer so they have some human contact

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    • They certainly are not the prettiest of birds, but they have beautiful glossy feathers. Must admit I’m not sad to see them disappear. We’ve had the smaller native birds come back since they’ve gone

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  3. We have plenty of them here PP. They mostly stay out of my garden though, but they do like to perch on my roof and that of my neighbour and caw loudly in the early morning! We have Jackdaws too and Magpies, they are very intelligent too. You got some great photos of this one having a bath! I love seeing the birds splashing about in the water.

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    • Yes they used to walk around on the roof, sounded as though they had hobnailed boots on…No jackdaws here but 2 resident magpie families, one in the back garden and one in the front. They never mix together…


      • I suppose they would feel more confident without such large birds hanging around!

        By the way, I nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger Award. I’m not sure if you do blogger awards or not. I just really love your photos and the musings you share.

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        • Thank you so much for the nomination. I appreciate your thoughts and I’m so pleased you enjoy reading my blogs. Though I appreciate it I do not follow through with awards as they are so time consuming. 🤗

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