20/20 Photo Challenge : May, Light, #1

It is now May, 5 months since Jude started her photo challenge. This month the theme is going to be light. This is Jude’s interpretation : “Being Creative with light. Photography literally means writing with light which immediately tells you how important lighting is. And with light comes shadows. Another important feature. An appreciation of light is crucial to making great photographs.”  Jude has more information to help you.Go here.

This week’s assignment – Look for shadows. Strong light, casting well-defined shadows, can create interesting abstract images. Layering light and shadows brings a sense of depth to an image and can convey mystery.

20200318_164210_4128x3096It’s late afternoon and the sun creates strong shadows across Burleigh Beach. Usually crowded it is much quieter at the moment.20200407_164912_3616x1376Another day walking in the opposite direction past Pelican Lake, at the end of our street. I am struck by the subdued light. The sun has gone down but it just catches the trunks of the gum trees on the left, and turns the lake to silver. I have my new phone in my back pocket, that I have only had a couple of weeks, so I try experimenting with the panorama setting. I’m pleasantly surprised by the result.beach sunrise bush turkey video 056_3000x4000This is the national park at the southern end of Burleigh Beach. Taken a few years ago when I got up early to catch the sunrise. (I don’t do that very often!) It was worth the effort as the light was stunning.Fingal Heads 012_3000x4000Burleigh Beach again, but this is now later in the day. The light is strong and almost directly overhead, with the trees creating the strong shadows across the beach entrance.garden October 1 pc 043_4000x3000

Three more random photos of the light coming through windows to create patterns on the floor.


Thanks Jude for hosting this challenge. It is making me look at my photos from a different perspective. Take a look at what Jude has found for this weeks assignment




  1. Goodness PP, where do I start. Love the beach shadows, the silvery lake and the random floor shadows, especially the first one, but the dawn light is stunning. For some odd reason I am waking earlier at the moment and seeing the dawn light. It is definitely very special. Once again, thank you for joining me in this challenge 😊

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  2. I love twilight photography! Shadows are more distinct in daylight, but at the boundary between day and night the darkness and light form a better balance. Your Pelican Lake panorama really captures that sense of night slowly overtaking day!

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