20/20 Photo Challenge : Weather Conditions

Five Sundays in May. So for Jude’s 20/20 Photo Challenge we have a final assignment about light. Lots of options this week.

This month's final assignment - 
Experiment in different weather conditions such as mist or rain, 
OR take a photograph indoors such as a still life 
or light entering a room streaming through a window 
OR experiment in capturing the colour of light.

First I will take you down to our ocean, a 10 minute walk to the end of the street. It is constantly changed by the weather conditions. From wild and stormy, the spray flying from the crest of the waves. To serene and calm as the sun rises bathing it in a golden glow.


sunrise burleigh-6_4000x3000

These next two photos could’ve been part of another assignment calling for different times of the day. Walk with me to the other end of our street to the Pelican Lake. First at 10-00am on a clear, crisp May morning 2016, with not a breeze to ruffle the water.Pelican lake reflections 004_3264x2448_3264x2448

Then visit it again at 6-40pm January 2018beach sunset pelican lake 127_3457x2072

The next photo was taken at Roma Street Gardens. A magical place (see it here) that I look forward to visiting again now the covid19 restrictions are lifting. Roma Street parklands 143_4000x3000

There are many areas to explore but if you are there on a hot, subtropical day and wander into the fern gully it has a unique atmosphere, shady and cool where water dragons hide among the ferns, a gentle stream trickles through the undergrowth and sprinklers spray a fine mist of water and if you capture the light just right it creates a magic wonderland.

Another place I’m longing to visit is Tweed Art Gallery. (click here to see why I love this place so much) Β Apart from an ever changing display of art the building is beautiful and set in the amazing Tweed Valley landscape.Murwillumbah art gallery 064_3264x2448

Finally to capture the colour of light where better to experience it than in the red centre of this amazing country. Standing in awe in front of the mighty Uluru as the sun goes down. Then to return next day to see the sun rise again.

These 3 photos are taken 15 minutes apart, from 10-15am, 10-30am finally 10-45am

But what most people came to see is the sunset…

outback tour uluru pc 103_4000x3000

That magic moment just before 9-00pm. Then in a blink it is all over in 15 minutes…outback tour uluru pc 127_4000x3000

But we were lucky the magic is not finished as the day we were there it was the night of the full moon…outback tour uluru pc 136_4000x3000

Pop over to see what Jude has for this week. Next month it will be ” depth of field”. Now I think that is going to be a real challenge…



  1. The Uluru sequence is pure magic. I think I prefer the sun-rising and apres-sunset light. Am also captivated by the fern gully. And it’s good to have another chance to explore your neighbourhood. So much lovely light casting in this post, Pauline.

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    • I knew you would like the ocean Jo. It is always changing. The week is going well, but tonight our temps are plunging to 6deg winter is certainly here. I don’t think my tomatoes will like it very much…🌧


      • Just walked an hour and a half up the beach, hon. Always beautiful but my legs are tired and we still have to walk back πŸ™„. Chilling in a favourite bar πŸ˜ŽπŸ’•


          • We could have made it a circular walk, but Mick had bought a return ticket on the ferry and didn’t want to waste it. We didn’t start out with the intention to walk that far, but the ferry had just started running again this week. A strange experience having to wear a mask onboard! Our usual cafe, not far from the ferry, hadn’t reopened yet, so we started walking… and walking πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Actually the walk back was ok because the tide was going out so there was more firm sand to walk on and the breeze behind us.

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  2. All so lovely to demonstrate how the light alters an image. The sunset, the light at Uluru, but my favourite is the misty gully. In fact I have been so taken by misty shots that I have been inspired to get out when it is foggy again and take photos. Thanks for your marvellous posts PP. I love travelling with you 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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