The joy of watching birds.

Having a garden brings more than just vegetables and flowers. The birds love to visit us.

rainbow lorokets jc 004

Every morning Jack puts out a saucer of honey water and the Lorikeets love it. They lap it up with their furry little tongues.rainbow lorokets jc 019The babies squawk and screech till Mamma bird shares with her baby.light video walk 2 010_4000x3000Then it is time to preen.rainbow lorokets jc 010_3000x4000Meanwhile one of the resident magpies enjoys the sunshine.may garden jc camera 022_4000x3000Before flying down for a bath.

20200422_173048_4128x3096At the end of the street on Pelican Lake a stately black swan has recently turned up.


  1. I agree Pauline; making a welcoming place e for birds is definitely part of the pleasure in gardening. I’ve been watching a kereru swoop between trees in the neighbourhood this afternoon and it is a wonderful sight.

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      • Our street is one of the oldest in the area so we have more mature trees, plus we have a reserve across the road. As more development takes place around us, our little area is one of the few remaining that can support wildlife.

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        • Lucky you have a reserve across the road that, hopefully, cannot be built on. We also have a conservation park and a dog walking area plus kids playground at the end of the street so it adds atmosphere and birds to the area

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  2. I was going to say less troublesome than people till I saw Jack’s comment. Somebody has to clean up after them! So pretty the lorikeets- is that just water with a spoonful of honey? 🙂 🙂

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  3. Watching the birds is such a pleasure. Your lorikeets are so pretty. Our prettiest birds, or at least the most colourful, are the Goldfinch. I love them coming in to the feeders, though they do make a bit of a mess!

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