Art Journal Memories : New Zealand.

Since the art trip to Alice Springs when I did a weeks art course on sketch book journalling  I now take my sketch book everywhere with me.  I have to admit though I don’t always find time to do as much sketching as I planned in my head to do. I also plan to finish them off using photos I’ve taken when I get home. That doesn’t always happen either.

But, being inspired by Cathy of “wander essence”  who posts her art journals once a month (see the latest one here) Here is my New Zealand art journal.

New Zealand is my second home and with a son and daughter still living there we love to visit. March 2019 was the last time we hopped over the ditch and this time I took my sketch book with me. nz art journal 020_4954x1699


It’s always great to catch up with the family and spend time sketching. My son lives on a small farm just outside the country town of Waiuku.

Wandering around the main street and having coffee at the local coffee shop, visiting the museum and craft shop, and drives into the surrounding countryside.

After 2 weeks with son and daughter in law. It’s time to move on to stay with my daughter in Tauranga. But on the way there is time to do some sight seeing. A stop for lunch at the interesting gold mining town of Waihi, and I did have time to actually do this sketch “plein aire”.

It is approximately 200 kilometres from Waiuku to Tauranga. A drive I always look forward to. Through the rolling, green hills of the Waikato, through the spectacular Karangahake Gorge then along the surf beaches of the east coast

nz art journal 027_4761x2801

Jack always has a major committment every time we go to Tauranga, that is to walk up Mount Maunganui. This year I did the walk too…

Not a lot of sketches to show for the 4 weeks we spent in New Zealand. If you would like to see more photos of our time spent in New Zealand go here.We do hope to go again once the “travel bubble” is opened between our two countries.


Cathy of “Wander Essence” has a monthly invitation/challenge were she invites anyone to join her in creating, and showcasing their art journals. She has put together a very informative post of ideas and tips about creating a journal. Do take a look and it would be so interesting to see what you can produce.



    • Thanks Jo. If I do the sketch completely on site it’s usually approx 30 mins. But often I start the drawing and get the main points on site then finish the details later from a photo.. often I do the whole sketch from a photo.. so it all varies. But always a challenge


  1. What fabulous sketches once again, Pauline. You have more patience than I do for capturing details in your sketches. I love them all, and it’s a great way to really get yourself to settle in and pay attention to what’s in front of you. Whether you do it while on site, or later from pictures, both experiences allow you to observe closely and to appreciate what you’ve seen. Wonderful. I’ll look forward to sharing these in my next journal post on July 10. 🙂

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  2. Your sketches are so lovely, I am very happy that you share them with us. Looks like you are going to be travelling very soon. My son and daughter in law are looking forward to the opening of travel with NZ as her mother is desperate to visit and have a warmer winter!

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  3. Your sketches are lovely. I like to go out sketching with a group of friends – I’m really looking forward to starting again soon ( I hope ! )

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    • G’day Margaret. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I always have a small A5 sketch book with me and like to try and capture what is around me when I have time. I like the sound of your urban sketching group, that would be fun

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      • You’re welcome , Pauline. I like to take a sketch book around with me – but I haven’t done much sketching since lockdown. When I’m with urban Sketchers I like to ‘ sketch’ in watercolour . It’s a worldwide organisation with groups in most big towns – you could look them up !

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