Changing Seasons : August 2020

Spring is here next week, and the garden is alive with colour.

But I am very confused. The next 2 months are the best for our garden display and I’m looking forward to sharing all the beauty with you. I’ve taken lots of photos… BUT… WP have changed everything and I’m not sure if I can cope with it.

How are you all managing?

Well I think I will go for a cup of coffee to calm me down. Then try again to find out how to insert photos…

I’ll be back… Maybe….

Well I am now caffeinated, have done some research and, hopefully, ready to go….k

These glorious, vibrant marigolds greet you as you walk into the garden. They are seeds saved from last years flowers and I sowed them very thick about 6 weeks ago, intending to thin them out. But I’m pleased I didn’t as they make such a brilliant statement.

I was very busy during winter planting lots of annuals, they are the backbone of the garden as the perennials and native shrubs slowly fill out.

I did not expect the colours in the last photo of the Primula and Kalanchoe, I thought the Primula was going to be white. But they are quite eye catching. What do you think about the combination? Gardening is all about experimentation.

Orange, purples and reds seem to be a recurring colour theme this year. This is a closer look at the Crucifixion Orchids that you can see in the back of the photo above this one.

Remember the Cuban Oregano I mentioned last month?  Well it is now flowering and when you brush against it the pungent, herbal scent fills the air. I haven’t used it in cooking yet.

This is a new project I am just starting on. 2 years ago a pumpkin was grown in this area, but was rather a dismal failure, only harvesting 2 pumpkins. It seems to be wasted space so I have decided to transform it into raised veggie beds using those plastic containers with holes drilled in the bottom of them. I am going to buy another 4. They only cost $4 each, much cheaper than pots. And they get all day sun in this front garden. If successful I may increase them.

Phew… Well after a shaky start I have found my way around the new WP formats, thank goodness they still have the old “classic” format for us to use. So now it is time to sit on this bench, have a glass of wine, and enjoy listening to the birds and take in the beauty of nature.

I’m so pleased Su of “Zimmerbitch” runs this “Changing Seasons” challenge as it prompts me to try and keep a record of each month. And I can go back to last year and see what was happening 12 months ago.



  1. Pauline this post is like a stroll around our garden.

    I enjoy the plants and all the gorgeous flowers.

    The birds are my pets thanks for featuring the.

    I look upon them as my play mates.

    I have the biggest aviary in the world and the best gardener.

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  2. Your garden is looking wonderful Pauline. The radical changes you made have paid off in spades. Wish I could send you some rain; we have an over-abundance. August was our wettest month on record — but a relief from what had been the driest winter recorded. Gotta love climate change.

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  3. I absolutely love your garden and am happy you have been able to keep everything watered and cared for. The flowers are thanking you, I am sure. I love all your flowers and your paper daisies are awesome. I’ve always loved how these flowers feel. You are so kind to your guests, as well, by putting out some breakfast for them to enjoy. So very kind. Climate change certainly hasn’t been very kind to so many that is certain. We, here in Washington State, have had a very odd Summer. It hasn’t been hot all Summer but so little rain and temps that climb and drop and climb again. Makes one feel as though they are on an amusement park ride. I am hoping Winter, which is now quickly approaching, is not one that is too cold. We will see. Hope you and your husband are well.

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    • Thank you Renee for your lovely comment. Yes the weather is now so unpredictable. We now have terrible Bush fires roaring through the hinterland behind us, fuelled by wild winds. Winter has just ended so it is very early for the bush fire season to be starting. Yes the paper daisies are lovely, and last so long as cut flowers.

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  4. You have such a beautiful garden, it inspires me whenever you post. What are the purple flowers with your paper daisies? I like your idea to feed birds but keep them away from your tomatoes 🙂

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  5. Your garden is soo different than it was a year ago, much more open and light, but probably less tropical? Or at least less jungly. I am amazed at how many plants you have in flower at the end of your winter that we only see here in the summer months. I have missed your posts so I am very glad that you still do this one each month so I can indulge in the delight of your lovely garden.

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    • Thank you for calling by and leaving a lovely comment Jude. Yes it is very different from a year ago and it is still a work in progress. I hope to have the native plants filling the garden by next year, but still have to fill the gaps with annuals and veggies. I wonder if I will regret the decision now that the weather is turning hot and dry and we are only into the first week of spring with horrendous Bush fires raging out of control through the hinterland being fuelled by strong winds there is no sign of relief.

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  6. Goodness, even the birds are scary! That plumeria looks rad. I do not grow them here, but they are quite happy in the Los Angeles area. When I was kit, those paper daisies were one of the main cut flower crops in the neighborhood. That was in Montara, on the coast of San Mateo County.

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  1. Lovely burst of spring in your garden, especially the pinks and oranges together. I think your post has been infiltrated by your other posts comments? Not sure how you managed that 🙂 Yes, learning the new layout can be a challenge.

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    • Those other comments are a real mystery Suzanne. I’m trying to contact WP “ happiness engineers” to find out what happened. Always changing formats is a real challenge.


      • I think those comments uptop could be from a previous post. I hope the Happy Engineers will be able to sort them out!

        Yet another restorative stroll through your verdant garden, Pauline – thank you for sharing your joy & delight .

        Hang in there with the new WP editor. It took me a while to get my head around it …. but now that it’s been a few months, I can hardly remember what the old version looked like.

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  2. Our garden is pure Pauline magic the colour of those Primula have to be experienced,
    The whole garden needs to be savoured in reality to get its full appreciation.
    Your blog is the next best thing. I think I can take some credit, that spiderweb is a real beauty.😎

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  3. well this was weird. I was going to say I can’t like your post and then I found myself reading comments from 2019 before I reached a point where I could like it and comment! Hope you get an answer as to how this has happened. I still use the classic editor from WPADMIN at the bottom of My Sites / Home, but if you lose that then you can use a classic block in the new editor which works pretty much the same.

    Anyway, back to the garden. Lots of vibrant colour here PP. I’m sad that you haven’t joined me this month as I was looking at colour and the way we use it, but I know you have a much better social life than I do. You astonish me at the number of annuals you have that we can grow too. But it all looks like a lot of hard work. Do you ever think that enough is enough and just sit on one of those benches and admire the views?
    Love to you and Jack. Hope all is good with you both. 🧡💚💙

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    • I contacted the support team and they emailed back this morning telling me how to get rid of the extra comments, but didn’t say how they got there in the first place. Very strange….I did find the version of the classic format that I used, thank goodness. Oh dear change is a challenge. 🙄

      I do sit on the benches to admire the garden, and think about the next job to do 🤔🌻🥂 especially at this time of the year as the weather is so perfect. All the hard work of pruning and planting was done in winter, so now it is just dead heading and tweaking here and there.

      Hope your son and family are ok in Brisbane as there has been a few cluster outbreaks there. So far GC is ok. We are both keeping well. Hope you are ok and the coming winter is not too harsh.


  4. I am not using the new editor for my main blog yet. It asks me if I want to make the switch, and I merely decline. However, my secondary blog does use it. I write my posts first, and than copy and past, so the new technology has not been too much of a bother.
    I can not comment on the color combination because I am not proficient with color. I know I like what, and that is about it. All the other colors are just so . . . colorful.
    Marigolds are an autumn flower here, so will soon be getting planted, not much later than yours. They last untill the beginning of November, and are the Official flower of Dia de los Muertos.

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    • Interesting about your marigolds. They can be grown almost all year over here, but now in spring is their best time. I tend to just let the colours happen without too much planning. With lots of green foliage to fill the gaps

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