2020 Photo Challenge

G’day Jude, I have not been around WP much these past couple of months, but when I did venture back into the fold a couple of days ago, to add my monthly “changing seasons” up date for August, I had a terrible shock as the formats have all changed. The dreaded “block” system has arrived.

Argh… much head scratching, muttering, mumbling, a few swear words and a couple of coffees later I had found my way into the old classic format and was then able to continue with my post. BUT that was not the end of my trials because, somehow, 37 comments from a 2019 post had infiltrated into the comments section.

Time to contact the “happiness engineers”.

They did respond with a brief email explaining that due to a high demand for their services at the moment (I wonder why!!!) they may be a while replying. But reply they did.

“That is strange, indeed. I had a close look at your post “Changing Seasons: August 2020“. Something weird is that there are two comments sections in that post.” 

Then explained how to delete the old comments…. It didn’t work…. So after Mohammad, Syed and Cyril, in 3 separate emails tried to sort the problem out, I managed to delete some of the comments from the 2019 post, but they stayed stubbornly attached to the 2020 post.

So I give up.

Well Jude, well might you ask, what has that long and detailed grumble got to do with your delightful photo challenge. Well after throwing up my hands in despair I went out into the garden for a calming wander around. It was late afternoon and the sun was at that perfect angle to capture the colour and glory of how nature can combine colours. So I would like to add a couple of photos into this weeks assignment.

This month's final assignment - Experiment with using two or three Complementary colours. Try to make one or two colours the focus of the image, and use the other colour to enhance the overall image.

flower colour 008_3787x3613

What a beautiful combination of lavender and purple and that touch of yellow as a complimentary colour brings it all together.

flower colour 010_5184x3888

Then to put these vivid orange marigolds under the pansy photo is an amazing burst of colour. I also like the few touches of green showing behind the marigolds.

I do hope that no other old comments attach themselves to this post. So fingers crossed I will publish it. Then go off for a yoga session…


  1. Stunning combinations. Love them both and so glad you decided to share them. Can you not go into the comments, through wpadmin, and remove those old comments that way? It’s very odd, but I wouldn’t worry too much, this post seems fine. 😊

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    • That’s what they advised. But when I did it somehow I ended up taking them off the 2019 post…🤭so I gave up trying. As you say this post seems ok so I’ll put it down to a one off. The next 2 months are my favourites in the garden


          • I left some plants in that were here when we moved in, but over the years they have got too big and have to go. In fact I have already dug out a ton of irises that looked nice the first couple of years, but this year there was too much leaf and not enough flowers. All gone now (though I expect there will be a piece left in the ground). A shame, but I didn’t love them. I can buy different irises that will give me more pleasure if I want.

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  2. Well, the photos are lovely. The term “Happiness Engineers” is one of the biggest misnomers ever. From what I’ve read about others trying to contact them and the “results”, I’ve never bothered to find out how to try. As for the block editor, I’ve been using it for some time at the most basic level. That may be as far as I ever get.


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  3. So frustrating, Pauline! I can always rely on being in a hurry when I encounter this kind of hiccup, but it’s definitely an odd one! We might have enjoyed the old comments 🙂 🙂 But not as much as your lovely flower photos.

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  4. Beautiful photos and I’m right there with you in my feelings about the new Block Editor. I have chosen to remain with the Classic Editor and have less stress. Good you could take a break and walk around your garden and then off to Yoga! Be .well

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      • I am in good health as is family and friends but it does make it difficult to write, to create. I live with my daughter presently and she began a small business online making…of all things…masks. I help cut the patterns but I will be glad when it all subsides for human beings in a social world cannot live in this way. I, too, hope you and your dear Jack are well. Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden. I do so enjoy it. Take care.

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