Changing Season : October 2020

After booking an art weekend workshop way back in February and having the date changed and put forward 3 times, (I’m sure you know why!!!). At long last it happened and last weekend we spent a glorious 2 days immersed in art with 9 other creatives and an excellent tutor. Don Milner guided us through the process of painting a seascape in a studio that looked out over the beach and ocean.

Here is Don demonstrating his technique, and his finished painting. Such an iconic Gold Coast ocean. Then it was our turn…

don milner day 2 videos 038 cropped_4538x3189

These are still works in progress. The challenge is now to finish them without the help of Don looking over my shoulder…

It is now mid spring and summer is on the horizon. This month, unlike last month when I open the door and stepped outside, instead of the stench of bush fire smoke, the beautiful and overwhelming scent of the star jasmine fills the oct 009_3888x5184

Can you spot the butterfly intoxicated with the smell.

As the weather is rapidly warming, the tropical plants are starting to flaunt their beauty.

The predominate colour of summer in our garden is a fiery red. But the star of the show this month is this climbing BAUHINIA corymbosa. Butterfly Vine. It never fails to put on a very flamboyant show.

The tropical water lilies are now flowering and their area is surrounded by some of Jack’s whimsical creations.

jc garden photos 007_3000x4000

I was delighted to see the magnificent King Parrot back in residence.


The months certainly seem to be flying by and now the end of this strange year is in sight. Thanks Sue for guiding us through with the opportunity to record each months passing with your “changing seasons” challenge.


      • Some of your sunshine would be v. welcome. And as for lockdown – it’s totally bonkers. We’ll have an even bigger spike in deaths from non-covid causes as is anyway already happening. A government paper earlier in the year estimated 200,000 excess non-covid deaths going forward from the last national lockdown.

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  1. Your Art Weekend looks like so much fun! And you made such a significant start to your seascape! Enjoy the continued work on it.

    Your garden is looking lush & lovely as always. Love the “No fishing” statuary – their expressions are priceless!

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  2. Glorious all around, Pauline. I continue to be amazed at your artistic abilities as well as your prowess in the garden. Glad to read that you’re smelling jasmine instead of smoke. Jasmine is one of my favorite scents.


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    • It was a lovely positive group to spend time with. I still have another 5 day retreat booked. But it has now been put off to next year…. The King Parrot is such a vibrant colour, I love to see him in the garden


  3. Your seascapes are fabulous. So talented and I am glad you are able to get out and about again. Not so here. Sadly yet another winter where I am going to be kept at home. Love all your gorgeous tropical flowers, but the photo that has stolen my heart is that beautiful parrot. But what is the tree? looks sort of like a Banksia, but not quite?

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    • Thanks Jude, I was so happy to get to the workshop, at last. The flower is the Silky oak, grevillea robusta. I had photos of it in last months blog. It is one of the tallest growing grevillea, quite spectacular when in full flower and the birds love it. Just read about your month long lock down. Oh dear, my heart goes out to you. I do hope your winter is not to harsh. Stay safe my friend.


  4. Hi Pauline, I’m impressed by your painting skills. Brava! And your flower images are a breath of fresh air. Glad your air is better. We’ve suffered here in CA, as I’m sure you know. Hope you and Jack are well.

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    • Lovely to hear from you Jane . Your fires were terrifying. Did they get near you? I’ve got 2 more art retreats booked, but both next year. I’m hoping our country keeps up the good record on covid. I watch with horror as the rest of the world suffers so badly. Hope you are staying safe.

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  5. That’s wonderful you got to enjoy your weekend away, Pauline. Yes, we are lucky to be downunder as I feel for those we know in the Northern Hemisphere. You’re very creative and what’s not to love about that beautiful beach.

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        • The medium was an Artelier gloss medium. They also do clear (thin) and thick (for impasto effects). To use the medium you first dampen the part of the canvas you are working on with a fine water spray, then paint a thick layer of medium onto the part you are working. The paint we used was Artelier interactive. If it does start to dry you can reactivate it with a light spray of water or dip brush into medium then continue working. Makes blending so much easier. I learnt so much in the 2 days. I’m quite addicted to workshops. Hope this makes sense


  6. Beautiful photos all and I love seeing your and Jack’s art. You are both quite talented. A gift. I love seeing all of your exotic flowers in bloom as here in Washington it is now Fall which will soon be Winter. The nights are already very cold. So, I will give a look at your site often to see how your garden is growing. It will certainly brighten my days. Take care.

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  7. That looks like a very interesting workshop and your results are excellent. Your garden is looking splendid and so exotic and colourful and the photo of the king parrot against the blue sky is a show stopper. We have them here too and they bring joy to our hearts.

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    • I must admit to an addiction for art workshops and retreats. I have 2 booked for next year. 🤞hoping all stays well and they go ahead. One of them has been put forward from July 2020…

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  8. I love that you get so much pleasure out of the art workshops, Pauline. Your painting and sketching is wonderful but you’re always trying to get better. 🙂 🙂 A strange year indeed. As an island you would think that the UK had a fighting chance of dealing with the virus but it has been so mismanaged. So many businesses are going to the wall. People have to be able to earn a living. I don’t know where it will all end. To think they once ran an empire. This lot couldn’t manage a chip shop!

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    • I still keep in touch with an old school friend who lives in a country village with horses, dogs, cats, chooks and a large garden, so they can isolate and shut themselves off from the world. We Skype regularly and her stories of the government and UK horrify me. Stay safe Jo as Europe seems to be out of control too

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  9. I’m so glad you got away to the art retreat. The results are lovely; well done. As always I so enjoy seeing your garden, and this month I can almost smell the jasmine. We have one growing over the fence from our neighbour (bless them for planting lovely climbers) — any day now I’m e petting flowers 😀

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