Life in colour : January Brown

A sparkling new year with so much anticipation connected to it. Jude is hosting a new challenge. Each month she will choose a colour for us to search for in our life. This month it is brown.

Every morning I walk around the garden, so today I took the camera looking for “brown”. Of course the soil is brown, but at this time of the year it is covered in a thick coat of sugar cane mulch to protect it from the heat. The only other browns I found were dead or dying things. But they are beautiful in their own way…

brown 016_3720x2794

The Banksia, as they die, turn into a fluffy milk chocolate coloured cones. When the fluff rubs off they make interesting objects. 

brown 019_3888x5184

Tree trunks are the classic browns of all shades in the landscape. This is the tall Silky Oak at the bottom of our garden.

Next week I will look through my art work as brown is a popular colour I use.

Thanks Jude I think this will be a popular challenge. Check here for the challenge rules


  1. Is the first one a stag horn fern? You have such interesting textural plants over there, I love the Banksia. I don’t think I have seen one of those in Cornwall. And thank you for looking for browns in your world.

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      • ‘One’ of the tallest?! There are some that are taller? Some of the grevillea are popular here, and new cultivars occasionally become available, but I am not aware of any others that grow as trees. Grevillea robusta is not so popular anymore, but middle aged specimens are somewhat common on the freeway embankments down south in Los Angeles.
        Oaks are of course very common, and I can not even identify all the various native species here. None are like the English oak though. I have seen only a few of those about.

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  2. I love Banksia – so special. Saw it in New Zealand and was totally intrigued by it. And your beautiful stag horn! I once had one in my home, but it grew so big I could not have it indoors anymore. To this day I am sad that I didn’t try to hand it over to a botanic garden. Just thinking – you LIVE in a botanic garden!

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