Life in colour : January. #3 brown in the landscape.

Australia’s outback is huge and most of the time very brown and dusty. Think “Mad Max” films, and the recent film “Dry” an excellent movie set in the drought ravaged outback of Queensland. An excellent movie that I can recommend going to see.

But it is “My Country” a poem written by Dorothea MacKellar in 1908, capturing the spirit of this amazing country and it is what inspired me to think back to 2010/11, when we traveled 37000 kilometres around Australia. I hope you enjoy this version of the poem set to music by Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent, arranged by David Lawrence.

My brown land panorama_11957x3143So I spent an enjoyable few hours looking back through the archives at the many photos we took back then to find some for this weeks “life in colour” challenge that Jude is hosting this year. 

menindee pc 029_4000x3000

river gum drive winton pc sx40 030_4000x2664

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The outback is also the graveyard of many rusty, brown relics of another era. As we drive by I wonder what their stories are.

But then as the sun sets in the cloudless blue sky the land is turned to a glowing red brown as it stretches endlessly in front of us.Broome to 80 m beach 017_3072x2304

I’m enjoying this new challenge and it has drawn me back into the blogging community. Take a look at Jude’s rules for this challenge, very simple, and the colour choice will be changing each month.


  1. I am first to congratulate you on this brilliant post.
    Dorothy Mackellar was in England homesick for Australia when she wrote the poem.
    And she goes on to say, about ordered woods and gardens of green and shaded.
    Your choice of photos is superb and bring back memories of one of our many travel adventures.
    The Canberra Telstra Tower gives an idea of the size of the’Wide brown land writing.
    Very cleverly done and so appropriate for this post. 😎

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      • We’re fine but in lockdown at the moment. Result of Christmas 🙄. Vaccine being rolled out to health care professionals and the elderly. It will reach us eventually. I’m trying to stay young 🤣💕

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        • You certainly do a great job of staying young Jo. Nearby Brisbane went into lockdown when the UK virus raised its ugly head. They seem to have stopped it in its tracks, thank goodness, and we are all out and about again. Our vaccine starts maybe next month. Stay safe my friend in blogging.🤗

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          • Bless you, Jack! Nobody said it was easy 😦 Someone keeps inventing new hurdles for us to jump! And us old dogs can’t jump so high any more. Look after each other, you two 🙂 🙂 Sending hugs!

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  2. I am loving the visits back into your archive, especially that wide brown landscape. This is the Australia that I was drawn to, not the big cities, nice as they are. Jane Harper’s novels are brilliant and I have read all of them including The Dry, I didn’t know it was a film though so I shall have to look out for that. Thanks Pauline 😘

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    • I have read all the Jane Harper books too Jude, the film follows the book plot perfectly, Jack hadn’t read the book so didn’t know what was coming and loved the film too. Having your challenge is great as it prompts me to look around and/or scroll through the archives


  3. As I sit here rather duffled up as I would call it being somewhat chilly but not freezing by any means Pauline your lovely evocative photographic memories of your big ‘brown’ trip are very welcome 🙂
    What an amazing country it is … rather sad we only ever had one trip to Australia but boy did we enjoy the expansive landscape coast and yes, one or two cities . Not surprised Dorothea was homesick !

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