Life in colour #4 brown animals

Here are some Aussie animals I have met…

Australian animals-2-2Australian animals-5Australian animals-6

Got to watch your back in the bush around here…

I’m joining Jude’s colour challenge this year.

 Take a look at Jude’s rules for this challenge, very simple, and the colour choice will be changing each month.

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  1. While taking those splendid photos of the Dingo,Kangaroos and the Salt water crocodile,
    you did not have to watch your back.
    You met and tamed the most dangerous Aussie animal who, like the song, watches every move you make every step you take. 😎 that’s me watching 🥰.

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  2. Th roos / wallabies are lovely. And that is an amazing shot of the crocodile. Where was this taken then? And is the first one a dingo? The tail looks like one, but the face is more dog-like. We saw dingoes on Fraser Island, which reminds me to ask you whether the fire is out on that incredible place.

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    • We were in Kakadu on the Adelaide river. They threw chicken carcasses to the crocs who all circled the boat. We were warned not to put any part of us over the side!!! The dingo was at the local Currumbin wild life park. Don’t think they are purebred as they say the only purebreds are on Fraser. Yes the fires are now out, but left terrible devastation. The irresponsible campers who started it are now being prosecuted


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