Life in colour #5 finally…

There are 5 Sundays this month. So as January fades out come for an early morning walk to the beach where the rising sun has painted the world in golds and browns.Burleigh Beach morning walk_3811x2651_3811x2651

Then let’s sit and savor a lovely cup of coffee and wonder what colour Jude will challenge us with in February.

UTS building Surry Hills 101_4000x3000

I’m joining Jude’s colour challenge this year. Brown was the colour for January.

 Take a look at Jude’s rules for this challenge, very simple, and the colour choice will be changing next month.


      • I can’t remember there have been so many sunrises.
        Looking at the photo don’t help, I had my trousers tucked in my Sox so I biked to the beach, I did not have my towel, so I was not thinking about surfing, I had my bag with sketch book in it, pauline was obviously with me, so may be I was not thinking, just taking it all in, waiting for something to say sketch me a bit louder than everything else competing, sometimes there is just too much.
        I may have been thinking, keep it simple only Mother Nature can do it all perfectly.😎

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  1. Oh, I wonder whether I shall ever be able to come for a walk on that beach with you and Jack and then linger over a cup of coffee? Seems it won’t be this year. Thank you for all your browns Pauline, I appreciate them all. As for next month, well it’s not an unusual colour, but Jo hasn’t got it quite right. 😉

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    • Let’s hope the virus works and we can start travelling again, it would be lovely to share the garden with you and that cup of coffee or glass of wine.
      . I wait with anticipation for the February colour


  2. I’d like to be walking down to a beach like that one but perhaps it won’t be too long until I can visit our daughter and son-in-law at their new apartment in Southern California, not far from the beach, although one more crowded than this one. As for the coffee, it’s amazing what decorations the baristas can make, isn’t it.

    Welcome to February, Pauline (and Jack, because I know you’re reading this too.) 🙂


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    • Early morning is the best time to go to our beach as later in the day it gets very crowded, it is a very popular area. We never go down there on weekends or school holidays. I hope you get to visit your family soon. I’m looking forward to visiting my family, maybe this year

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