Life in colour February : #2 yellow in art

When we moved to Australia 22 years ago I began my creative journey when I became interested in folk art. I joined a group and found I loved the structured format and the glowing colours. Here are some of the pieces I produced all that time ago. As you can see I’ve always been drawn to the vibrant glow of yellow….

Yellow art 043_5184x3888

Yellow art 041_3888x5184

Over the years I have tried many different styles. Here are a couple of examples of my looser, water colour paintings that I did recently.

When we moved into our house in 1998 every wall was painted beige. We very quickly changed that. Now the lounge, dining, kitchen, bathroom and hall way are all in shades of yellow. Makes me feel happy just looking at them. And along the hallway we have created a mini art gallery of both Jack’s and my paintings. Quite a talking point.Yellow art 049_5184x3888

I’m enjoying Jude’s new challenge. Already into the second month. Take a look at Jude’s rules for this challenge, very simple, and the colour choice will be changing each month.

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  1. Your art work is such a joy to view. I love the idea of your own exhibition. With all the art you two produce you can ring the changes often. I have decorated using various shades of yellow, but in the northern light you have to be careful with the tone as it can look sickly.

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  2. Pauline your home is looking lovely. I am glad you have been able to put your stamp on it with creations of your own. I live in a Seniors studio-housing commission. Apart from the bathroom all the walls are brick the same as the external walls. I have been putting up family photos and paintings of mine, gradually getting there.

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  3. I love a yellow and blue combination and of course your artwork always gets kudos from me. Yellow and blue remind me of Provence, where my s-i-l and b-i-l used to live. Good memories of markets, food, wine, lavender, and fun.


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