Changing Seasons : April 2021

It has been a month of ups and downs. It also seemed to be one continual long weekend. With Easter, then Anzac weekend followed by labour weekend. Making a very disjointed time for getting things done. But we did go to a 4 day workshop to learn how to use water mixable oil paints. I had never used them before and we painted a large close up of a flower. I just loved this medium, no smell and very easy to blend.close flower workshop 022_5184x3888

The weather has been perfect for gardening, not so perfect for people on holidays, 193mm of rain spread over the month. Mainly falling on weekends. (last year in April we only had 39mm of rain)

So what did we do in the garden. A lot of pruning and tidying up. Last April we did a major prune of the big trees (see here) So this year it was only tip pruning. mulching desert rose seeds 010_5184x3888

Planting out some snapdragon seedlings ready for a spring show. Looking back to last years April changing seasons I noticed I grew lots of veggie plants. That didn’t happen this year. Am I getting lazy, old or just sensible with my time…april garden 012_5184x3888

Growing on some other annuals in the greenhouse, poppies, stock, and calbrachoa.

The down or should I say scary news was I had a phone call to say I could have knee surgery May 5th. Whoa I was not ready for that. So have cancelled it for 6 months. Then a week later Jack had his call for knee surgery on May 20th. He will be going ahead with it…

Across the road the building is, noisily, taking shape. Two large, 2 story houses going up where, previously there was only one single story house.

Do we call this progress…

The birds are back and joining us for breakfast.

Early in the month we had a small Covid scare and, for the first time, mask wearing was mandatory for 2 weeks. But it was quickly under control, and we are now back to what is, now, a normal lifestyle, of social distancing, washing hands regularly and signing in everywhere with the QR code.

Now the garden is pruned, weeded and mulched ready for winter I am able to spend lots of time immersed in my art, which I love.


Well here I am again, another month whizzed by and Su’s changing season challenge prompts me to record what has happened this month.


  1. I look forward to following your blog it’s like following the comic heroin Wonder Woman.
    Also you feature me in it and then there are all your followers I can pop in on at my leisure.
    As they say it’s wonderful having friends, even if they are other peoples.😎

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  2. Looks like you’re both quite the artists, Pauline. Glad the Covid scare was short-lived. What’s the deal with the QR code? Praying that both your knee surgeries go well!



    • Thanks Janet, it is a bit nerve wracking to think of the knee surgery. The QR code is a symbol that you have to register on when you go into cafes or any such venue, it registers your details so that if someone with covid is in that place the powers that be can track you down if you where there at the same time. It is one way the government is keeping very quickly on any outbreaks.

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    • Yes we did paint those irises. In fact Jack managed to paint 2 pictures in the time it took me to paint one…I painted the one on the left, jack did the other 2. We will be letting the front border trees get a bit higher than we normally do


  3. Beautiful post and updates as you have had them. Good to hear that Jack will have a more functional knee soon. Loved the art pieces. Both of you have so much about art in which you are gifted. Very talented couple, to say the least. I have not tried oil paint that is mixable with water. Very interesting. When I was a very young woman I began in oil paint but the odor was far too much for me so switched to other mediums. I will have to look into it at some point. I love the photos of your garden and yes….progress, such as it is…we all seem to have it coming our way. Do take good care.

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    • Hello Renee lovely to hear from you. If you’ve used oils in the past I’m sure you would love the water mixable ones. I’d never used oils the smell put me off, but these ones have no smell at all.we are really looking forward to being more mobile in the future.

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  4. Another lovely look into your garden. Those houses will have a great view over your piece of paradise. Perhaps you should do tours? I imagine they won’t have much of a garden themselves. Seems like it has been a productive month for you both. Those irises are fabulous. And good news on the knee surgery. I think I could do with replacements for all of my joints! They are wearing out. As for the veggie growing (or not) it is a lot of hard work, and I think you do right to have time for other, equally enjoyable pursuits.

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    • Absolutely no garden space around those houses, they fill the whole area, in fact they could almost reach out from their windows and shake hands with the neighbours😬 in the past I seemed to only be growing veggies for all the bugs and wildlife…and we have such a good green grocer.


      • I decided we didn’t really have room for veggies and it was too much hassle for the two of us. I stick to some salad leaves 🥗 and tomatoes, mainly because I love the smell of new tomatoes 😍

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  5. I thought that was funny, Pauline! Surgery for Jack, while you ‘think about it’ 🙂 🙂 But it was a bit short notice, and it might not be a good idea for you both to be limping together. Good luck with it!

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