Life in colour….

Though I have not been contributing to the Word Press world over the past few months, I just couldn’t resist joining Jude in her photo challenge this month. “Life in colour” and this month the chosen colour is blue. I love all shades of blue.

It is winter in my part of the world, but not winter as the northern hemisphere knows it. The skies are blue almost every day, the daytime temperatures are in the 20 degrees, and NO humidity, the night time temperatures are between 10 and 15 degrees meaning I get a good nights sleep snuggled beneath the blankets. 

The weather is perfect for gardening, my passion.

Every day I spend time wandering around our garden, checking what is coming into flower, what needs pruning, or repotting, pulling the occasional weed. Evan sitting and just looking. Always plenty to do. But today a couple of splashes of blue caught my eye and made me think of Jude’s blog “life in colour”.

Such an intense blue. Can you recognize what flower it is? flower colour 001_5184x3888

Yes it is the gorgeous Bird of Paradise, or Strelitzia. Then I saw these perky little  match stick bromiliads.

So that is my contribution to Jude’s challenge.

But that was not all I saw, Just look at this. I would like to share with you. It is not blue but it is a double poppy. I am growing poppies for the first time this year and this was stunning. I didn’t know poppies had double flowers. But that’s not all, in the centre were 2 bees having a frantic feeding frenzy on the pollen. By the time I got the camera one had flown away but I managed to capture a shot of the remaining one. I evan videoed it. You can also hear the young magpies squawking in the background… 20210706_122916_2378x2422



  1. There are several types of poppies, and some are typically double. However, there are also double California poppies, which is just weird. California poppies are such perfect flowers that there is no need to tamper with them. Now, they can be red, pink, peach, yellow or pale white, or striped or blotched. They look ridiculous. Wild poppies, which are single orange are still the best.

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  2. Lovely choices, Pauline. Something quite funny to share with you. About a year ago we bought a Strelitsia from the garden centre nearby. I had admired the one in my neighbour Marie’s garden and she confessed to me that the flower was plastic. It was sold that way as the young plant takes time to flower. My garden designer husband had no idea he had bought a plastic plant until I pulled it out of the plant pot! He was mildly embarrassed 🤣💕

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  3. Strelitzias are the most wonderful plants, they always take me back to SA. Glad you found time to join me and I hope Jack is making a good recovery. Yellow poppies are beautiful, I saw a lot when we were away, singles not doubles, but I want to grow some next year. Snuggling under a blanket made me chuckle. At those temperatures I’d be throwing the duvet off! 😂

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    • The Strelitzias are flowering very well at the moment and the poppies are producing a variety of colours. I’m just hoping we don’t get any strong winds as they look so vulnerable on their long slender stalks.. Jack is coming along really well, he had his 6 week check off by the surgeon last week and he was very pleased and doesn’t want to see him again for a year🤟

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          • I thought you had been offered a new knee, but declined for the moment? I’m good apart from the usual aches and pains that come with age! Trying to avoid the dreaded lurgy so that will mean staying at home for the next 8 weeks as Cornwall will be heaving more than ever this summer.


  4. Good news about Jack! Birds of paradise are so pretty and unusual in appearance. The poppies we had in Ohio were orange and quite stunning but these are as well and there’s nothing quite so amusing and enjoyable as bees cavorting in a flower.


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  5. I was slow to reply as your post did not automatically come into my email.
    I wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t asked me,”Did I see your post?”
    Now I am back following and being late to comment I can now say I loved the busy 🐝 video and reading all the nice is no wonder I am bouncing back with all the caring people out there.
    And the wonderful one I have at home, who I suspect neglected her blog, running around looking after me. 😎

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  6. I love watching bee frenzies on poppies. The bees here go nuts on them and I’ve wondered if there’s some opioid-related chemical in the poppies that the bees respond to. Nature’s little opium den! Love those matchstick bromeliads.

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