Changing Seasons : September 2021

What a change a year can make. Having kept the regular “changing seasons” post for 3 years now it is interesting to look back over the years. 2020   2019  2018 

At the beginning of the month the 2 houses across the road went to auction and crowds turned up to watch and a small mobile coffee wagon parked nearby.

This is looking across at the 2 houses from our garden. garden mid september 021_4863x3431

Surprisingly they only had 2 bidders and they were both passed in at $1.8 million. The square one has since sold at $2+ million the other is still waiting for an owner…

Another outing was to Brisbane to see the “old Masters” exhibition at the art gallery

We felt quite brave as, with masks on and having had our first Pfizer injection,  we traveled by train to Brisbane for the first time in over 2 years. It was reassuring to see everyone, young and old, wearing masks. 20210917_154855_3096x4128

Brisbane skyline was bristling with cranes and we joined the crowds heading for “GOMA”

The art was stunning and we slowly made our way round entranced by the beauty and diversity of the masterpieces.

In one gallery live music was playing and a central table had a number of still life settings for the public to copy. A number of school groups were sketching, but Jack preferred to sketch the sketchers.

So how does the garden grow…

Well after a good start with 25mm of rain on the first day it was then nothing till last night, the last day of September and the storm clouds gathered. Thunder and lightening, lashing winds and rain. We only had the tail end of the system, it was mainly focused further north, but the 11 mm was a good start as more is forecast. I can now put the hoses and sprinklers away for a while.

The hero of the garden this month is the Silky Oak (Robusta Grevillea)

The birds love it. The Rainbow Lorikeets arrive each evening, squawking and fighting over the flower heads and the Little Correllas turn up every year for this special treat.

This is the corner the palms were cut down last month. I have covered the stumps with Bromeliads and this corner is now so colourful

garden mid september 051_4928x3589

The Wednesday art group I go to came here during the month to spend a morning “plein aire” painting and drawing. It was good fun, they all brought plates for morning tea, so we spent more time just looking, chatting and having a cuppa and cake. The main idea was to collect sketches and photos to continue with the following week.

Come for a look around and see what is flowering this month.

I only have a few herbs, spinach and silver beet growing this year. In contrast to last year. garden mid september 035_5184x3888

Once more I have decided to empty out all the pots. They have had a real tendency to accumulate. This time I will NOT be potting things up again. The results have finally come in from the tests I had last month and I have developed Osteoporosis in my spine I must now be very careful about lifting. Oh well fortunately the garden is now well on its way to being mainly shrubs and perennials.

sept garden 006_5184x3888


This month it is Brian’s turn to host the monthly roundup of “Changing seasons” from around the world. Pop over to catch up with all the other bloggers.


  1. A beautiful garden you have and because it has been loved and taken care of it will still give you much pleasure in the years to come and if you are careful you can still do some tending without too much difficulty. I, too, have arthritis issues but am careful and have even taken to wearing a support belt (much like the ones I used to wear when I worked) to help my lower back and it helps me a lot. Thank you for sharing and I am glad you are doing well.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am sorry to read about your osteoporosis. I know you can find different ways to enjoy the garden, but such matters are unpleasant nonetheless.
    I am also sorry that I no longer keep up with your blog. I just do not get to what I got to not too long ago.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your kind words Tony. I do not visit many blogs these days and only do the one post a month now. But I still find plenty of time to just sit in the garden and watch the changing seasons. Hope you are keeping well and safe from the virus.

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  3. Blessed rain and your grevillea! I love it, Pauline. Not so great about the osteoporosis. Are there gentle exercises to strengthen the spine? A couple of friends are affected and an exercise routine seems to be a help with keeping mobility. I was watching excerpts from the Chelsea flower show last night and your garden could give them a run for their money, hon. Take good care of yourself, and love to Jack!

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  4. Lovely to see your garden again, and glad you have both had the vaccine. As for the osteoporosis- not great But good to hear you are doing exercise with physios. Take care, and all the best to you both

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I love your garden Pauline. That space where the palms were is looking so good. Having osteoporosis is not good for a gardener so I hope you have help when needed. Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂

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  6. I know you are not doing any challenges now, but your silky oak and the last gorgeous sunset are perfect for my September month of golden. I’m glad you have had a vaccine, we are waiting for our booster shots now! And good news that Australia is opening its borders, though only to Australian citizens so I am going to have a long wait before I can get over there. Glad you have been able to get out and about, but I am sorry to hear about the osteoporosis – getting older really sucks at times. Love to you and Jack and thank you for showing me once again your lovely garden.
    Jude xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • G’day Jude, lovely to catch up with you for a virtual stroll around the garden. Yes the years are starting to catch up with both of us now. We are looking forward to my family getting over for a visit when the borders finally open. How’s your Brisbane family? Had another huge storm last night, passed right over the top of us, quite scary, but definitely need that rain. Love and hugs back to you.💖


  7. Lovely to see your garden as always. Sorry to hear about the osteoporosis, hope you are still able to enjoy the garden with some low maintenance tweaks. The art exhibition sounds and looks delightful. Glad you made the journey, it can feel exciting and nerve-racking at the same time in these covid days. Take care x

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  8. What a pleasure to see how your garden has been evolving with the extra sunlight you have given it. It looks amazing! I’m sorry to hear about your back and hope that you will be able to continue gardening in some form. I guess, no matter what, you will be able to soak up the beauty. Love your silky oak.

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