Changing Seasons : October 2021

It has been a month of storms and regular rain, almost 200mm. So different to last October when bush fires had been roaring around large parts of Australia and the smell of smoke was constantly in the air. Some areas have been hit with hailstones and destructive winds. But we seem to be living in a small pocket of the country were the main storms pass over to the north and south of us just blessing us with steady, refreshing rain. Though we still get the spectacular thunder and lightening shows dancing across the ocean and over the hills behind us most evenings The garden is loving it. See how green and lush it is. garden end october 011_5184x3888

I have, finally, managed to find a young bloke to help us with the heavier garden jobs. It is quite a decision to accept that we need the help to be able to cope with our garden and maintain our lifestyle. Jacob was a very helpful and obliging young fellow and he just lives near by so I will be able to contact him when we need help.

The houses across the road have now both sold, but, so far, no new neighbours have moved in. But the construction noise still carries on with the next door neighbours starting a renovation job. That we can watch as we have our end october 026_5184x3888

Again we went on an outing to Brisbane. This time we went to the “Roma Street Gardens” 

It is about 3-4 years since we last visited. I had planned to take the small train that takes you around the gardens in comfort. Something we had never used before, always preferring to walk around. But this is a concession to needing to conserve energy. But it hasn’t been operating since 2020…So we slowly meandered around, and I’m sure we possibly saw more walking slowly with constant stops.roma street gardens 061_5184x3888

This little fellow never moved out of our way, just watched us walk by.

roma street gardens 072_5184x3888

It is Jacaranda time and these stunning trees put on a beautiful show. What a fantastic view the people living in the hi-rise apartments would have. AS we wandered through the areas changed from the large lake to small ponds and trickling water between the shady, fern filled grottoes. Even a small vegetable garden with raised beds. It was a delightful days outing. I came home feeling surfeited with colour and beauty.

roma street gardens 036_5184x3888

Back home in our garden the flush of spring flowering annuals has mostly finished. It is settling down to perennials and shrubs taking over.

garden end october 043_5184x3888

The Dietes make their short lived but spectacular appearance. Each flower only lasting a day, but sending out a constant display. They always surprise me with their sudden appearance.

The Walking Iris last even less time, but I love their interesting shape, form and colour.

How excited I am to notice these small flower buds forming on the dwarf flowering end october 010_5184x3888

I’m continuing to empty out the many pots that have accumulated. Because it is now only 2 weeks before we go to Tasmania. I’m daring to get a bit excited because at the moment it looks as though we may be going….

I am now starting to plan the trip. So much to think about in this new era of travel. Will I need documents to get back into Queensland, do we need a Covid negative test, as well as the proof of double jabs. (which with difficulty I have managed to download onto my phone) Is insurance now mandatory. 

My mind is reeling with the thoughts of all the changes now necessary just to get on a plane. Gone are the days you could just roll up and get on. AND I only have 2 weeks to organise it all. In these uncertain times decisions have to be left to the last minute as conditions can change over night, So wish me luck.


I’ll finish this month by taking you for a stroll through the scribbly gum conservation park at the end of our street and sit and watch the sun set over Pelican Lake.

Peace and happiness to you all as we all try to adjust to our “new normal”.


Thank you Ju-Lyn for carrying on hosting these “changing season” challenges. 


  1. What a tropical treat this post is, Pauline! Life at a slower pace gives you more time to take photos, and what beauties they are! Good luck with planning your trip! I’ll look forward to reading about it in the future. Meanwhile, happy November, hon!

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  2. This post for me is reliving all the good things we experienced last month.
    Pauline brings it all back so beautifully the fleeting enjoyment, never the less because it is impermanent we appreciate it all the more and as Restlessjo comments, slowing down has its benefits isn’t, Mother Nature wonderful.

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  3. I always go slow around a garden! Stopping to admire the blooms and take photos. Though to be truthful we still haven’t gone very far this month. I think we have got into the habit of staying at home. Lovely to visit your tropics again, you have some beautiful flowers and I love those Jacaranda trees. Almost 7 years since my visit to Australia. I can’t quite believe it has been that long and I’m not sure I will ever be back — long haul travel has no appeal for me. I do hope you get to Tassie. One place I have wanted to visit for a long time. Please share some photos with us! Safe travels xx

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    • I am booking our flights to Tassie today and keeping fingers and everything else crossed. I will certainly be taking lots of photos. It is renowned for its gardens. Will be a bit cooler than here. I would love a trip back to UK but know I never will because of the long flights.


  4. I am happy you are out and about and able to visit some of the places you like. We got our first frost here and it is very cold. Last week we had what they called a ‘bomb storm’ which dumped rain all week long. Love to see your photos as it helps me get through the Winter months here. Do take good care.

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      • Thank you so very much! I was born in raised in Southern California but have been here most of my life now and as I have children, grandchildren and great grands I will not leave. But I am a sunshine kind of gal. I always long for Spring. Do take good care.

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  5. Oh gee, I was not aware that lizards were native to Australia. Eucalypti are rad. It would be nice if they were appreciated more here. They have such a bad reputation because the most familiar type is the Tasmanian blue gum that was imported for wood pulp.

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    • Oh yes we have lots of lizards over here Tony. The largest is called a Goanna (google it!) the aboriginals used to eat them. I love the Eucalyptus trees and I was so pleased to see my dwarf one with flower buds on it. It will grow to about 2 metres

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      • It looks like something from Central America, and the name looks like it sounds like Iguana (like ‘Igoanna’!).
        Two meters is about six feet tall. I have never met a Eucalyptus that stays so compact. I met Eucalyptus torquata while in school prior to 1990, but have not seen it since. It should stay quite compact. Some of those smaller types would be useful here.

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          • That is even stranger. I had heard of such grafting, and you mentioned it earlier. It just seems very strange to graft Eucalyptus. I only recently learned that they are grown from cuttings also, which is likely how cultivars can be maintained. I had thought that all grow from seed.

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              • They are grafted onto other species of Eucalyptus that stay smaller, or at least keep them more compact. Although I have never seen it done, I know that understock must be compatible with the scions (upper portion). Some genera are more discriminating than others. For example, many maples will graft to only a few other species of maple, and some will graft only to the same species. Cultivars of Norway maple should be grafted onto other Norway maple.

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  6. I was so happy to see “Changing Seasons” post from you before I head to southern California tomorrow and am more or less off WP for a week. The Jacarandas are beautiful and the trees with the big bottoms fascinating but the whole post is, as always, lovely. All the best on your upcoming travels! Hi, Jack. 🙂


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    • G’day Janet. Enjoy your California trip, stay safe. I was fascinated with the plantation of “big bottomed trees” 😄they are called Pony Tail Palms and I have one very skinny one in my garden

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  7. Best wishes with all your travel plans. I hope everything falls into place for you with no dramas. I’ve never been to the Roma Street Parklands and your lovely photos make me think we should go soon. Isn’t it beautiful. The expression on the face of the water dragon is priceless.

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  8. I love Roma Street Gardens, but it’s been close to ten years since I was last there. Back then the highlight for me was seeing the water dragons!
    I do wish you luck in preparing for your Tassie trip. I hope all goes well, and you have a fabulous time.

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  9. All the best with the planning, and the cautious looking forward to your trip! I am hoping for a wonderful trip report at next months The Changing Seasons.

    I am so glad that the worst of the storms passed you by. Your garden looks fabulous as always!

    Thank you for taking us on a walk through Roma Street Gardens. That little dude is so adorable! Did it ever flare its gills at you?

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    • Thanks Ju-Lyn booked our flights to Tasmania this morning. So much red tape these days. 🤞those are water dragons and they don’t have the gills, but they can run very fast. Was lots of them around the gardens.


      • You & Jack must be counting down the days and keeping fingers (and toes) crossed! I hear you on the red tape – I’ve heard so many stories about the challenge of travel now.

        Ah! Water dragons – so cute.

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  10. Hi there – I do wish you luck with the trio planning – whew – and you are so right – things change daily
    – also – appreciate you sharing some of the colors and nature you enjoyed and nice to see Jacaranda blooms!
    Take care and tell
    Jack hello from moi!

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  11. I loved sharing your walk in Brisbane. The jacarandas are so beautiful. your garden does look so green and lush. Good to hear that you have found someone local to help with you with the bigger tasks. Good luck with your Tassie plans 🙂

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