Life in colour



In the final month of Jude’s challenge, “living in colour”, this is what she chose.

“The world is a kaleidoscope¹ of colour so this month let’s celebrate that with the brightest / most colourful images you can find.”

The beautiful rhinos in Judes “life in colour” Reminded me of these iconic koalas. So I would like to share with you a colourful splash of colour in front of the equally colourful, newly opened art gallery on the Gold Coast.



  1. If I had known I would’ve worn my happy Thailand pants and my colourful comical cap.
    But that’s me always wanting to be the central attraction when just to be in the picture is an honour.
    What a lucky bloke I am to have Pauline🥰 for a partner and get to know all her wonderful friends.
    As the song goes “joy to the world all the boys and girls joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea joy to you and me. Pauline you are an expert at bringing colour into my life like a rainbow 🌈 after rain you come to chase my blues away.😎

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