Changing Seasons : December 2021.

I started this month feeling rather overwhelmed with the overgrown state of the garden. After being away for only 2 weeks at the end of November for the long anticipated “art retreat” (see here) The garden had gone feral. The growth had been phenomenal. Plants all battling each other for dominance. The stronger, more virile ones taking over and the more fragile, delicate ones, without me here to keep control of the bullies, gradually being overwhelmed. The weeds had taken over the pathways and paving slabs were covered with twining, twisting weedy intruders.

Where to start. What a challenge.

Well only one thing to do. Start at one corner and slowly work our way around. Pruning, clipping, pulling weeds. Slowly we could see order coming back to the garden. It is now summer and the temperatures and humidity are difficult to work in. But it has also been a wet month which does keep the garden growing and makes the weeds easier to pull out.

Now 4 weeks later I can finally say we have the garden back under control after barrow loads of mulched up clippings and pruning and slowly winning the battle with the weeds and can now see the paving slabs again.

The garden is very lush and abundant, but when I looked back at last December it is not flowering as much. The Poinciana flowers are only just starting but last year they featured in all their fiery glory in that post. But the other tropical flowers are in full bloom.december garden 050_5184x3888

This month Jack has got the Desert Rose bug again. A while back one of the older shrubs had a seed pod. They don’t seem to get them very often.dec garden 2 004_5184x3888

(This is a pod that is on one of the younger plants at the moment)

The seeds are a bit like dandelion seeds and he had been keeping them for the weather to warm up. Well that time has come, and he has given birth to a whole new batch of baby Desert Rose seedlings.dec garden 2 019_5184x3888

Here they are in their cradle in the green house.

The previous plants are now flowering and, interestingly, though they all came from the same seed pod, they are a variety of shades of red and pink.

Here are some more areas of the garden. The fishponds and water lillies love this time of the year.december garden 014_5184x3888

This is what I call the feral corner. I just let it do its own thing with a couple of salvias that I let take over. They have happily smothered out all the weeds and the other annual seedlings I planted in here a year ago.december garden 033_3888x5184

In the back garden the birds love the bird bath and I have to refill it every day as they vigorously splash around in it. december garden 010_5184x3888

A serene Buddha keeps an eye on the comings and goings of the birds, and us…

Finally here is a round up of a few more flowers in bloom at the moment. The garden is also dominated by the spiders and their webs. I have to be very careful walking under and between shrubs or I wear a cobweb veil on my face….

All too soon it is the end of another year. Looking back at last December we were booked to fly to Sydney to stay with a son for Christmas. Just days before we left covid struck and with 38 cases in Sydney, the borders were slammed shut and we had to cancel our trip. New South Wales now has over 12000 cases a day, and still going up.

The Queensland borders were opened 3 weeks ago and thousands flocked here to holiday, and from having only 16 cases, we now have over 2000 a day in that time and predicting many more. We have now joined the rest of the world trying to cope with living with this insidious, constant changing virus.

One of the best things about keeping a blog is being able to look back at previous years. I find how short my memory is about previous events. Now I can look back at 3 years. 2020, 2019 and 2018. Each year was so different.

Though it has been a busy month in the garden it has been a peaceful one. So as we head into another year I wish all my WordPress buddies best wishes for 2022 and may you all have a happy and healthy year ahead.

Thank you Ju-Lyn and Brian for hosting this monthly “changing seasons” challenge


  1. It’s like the Garden of Eden, Pauline! I don’t know how you do it but I know it gives you, and us, so much joy! We had a madcap few days in Leeds and were lucky to get back here after overnight snow, but it was all so worthwhile. Wishing you and Jack continued happiness in your little haven…or do I mean heaven? Much love, hon! Wishing you a fit and active new year.

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    • Thank you Jo for your kind thoughts. Yes we do think of this as a slice of heaven and a true haven from the outside world. So pleased you managed to get back home safe and healthy. Best wishes for all your dreams coming true in 2022πŸ₯°πŸ’•

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  2. I do love to walk around your beautiful garden, it looks so amazing (well apart from the spiders). And a real treat on this wet and windy day in Cornwall. Does Jack sell any of his babies then? A little stall at the front of the garden perhaps? I wish you both a wonderful 2022 and hope that this virus becomes so mild that we can all get on with our lives without further worry. Like you, Cornwall was virtually free of infections in the months before everything opened for tourists when we became the highest in the country! Sometimes I wish Cornwall wasn’t quite so popular. It has definitely got busier since we moved here.
    Jude xx

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    • Love having you come for a virtual visit Jude . Jack doesn’t sell his babies but gives them away to good homes and people who can look after them. You would be top of his list for one. But think you would have to put it in your conservatory at this time of the year. Unfortunately these beautiful places are loved to death. Wishing you health and happiness for 2022

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  3. Oh, what glorious blooms & blossoms you’ve got, Pauline & Jack! Now the hard work of getting it back into civilized condition you can enjoy and toast in what I hope is a much happier year for you and us all. Lots of love to you both & Happy New Year! πŸ₯³ πŸŽ‰ πŸ₯‚

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    • Ours only flower in summer Tony. This year Plumeria, or as I call it Frangipani, Is not flowering as profusely as they usually do. I think because this year has been much wetter. They seem to have more leaves. Best wishes to you for a healthy, happy 2022.

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  4. What a juxtaposition in Winter not being anything but cold here and brilliant with color there. It has snowed for over a week now here…unusual for Washington except for the mountains, of course, and I long for warmth and the changes Spring will bring. Yet, you must love Winter there for all of the lush growth of plants and happiness it brings to the birds. Thank you again for sharing for it causes my heart to step once again into that hopeful place that warmth will bring. Beautiful photos all. Take care.

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    • Winter is a lovely season in the sub tropics. Autumn and winter is when I grow vegetables. In the humid heat of summer I more or less hibernate into an air conditioned space and just go out into the garden in the evening. Best wishes to you Renee. Hoping you have dreams come true in 2022πŸ€—


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