Tasmania week 2 : more roses and colonial cottages.

One of my favourite things to do in a new town is to just wander around, absorbing the sights and atmosphere. Launceston is a city that is proud of its colonial heritage and all the magnificent buildings from that early period have been retained and lovingly restored. It was a pleasure to walk around.

Hardly any square, blocky hi-rise buildings. But I did see a couple being built. Can you see one rearing up behind one of the old buildings in the second photo?

And of course roses are everywhere. I admire the cute colonial style of many of the houses, and the cottage style gardens surrounding them.

tasmania 277_5184x3888

So very different to the Gold Coast I live on.

One more road trip and a visit to the famous Evendale markets and I will have finished this series about our Tasmania trip.


  1. To live it again in your blog, is like the song, past all endeavour.
    Do you recall that song it’s almost 40 wonderful years back.
    Not the Cole Porter version I was only 3 or 4 then, so I grew up with the song.
    It was Julio Inglesias version that gets my bells ringing because you and I were beginning our life together.
    Memories and you record them all I just file them some where in my head.
    Then have a hard time knowing the name of the folder.
    This time it was “to live it again” and jumped back 40 years.😎🕺🏽

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  2. I love those houses with a porch, Pauline. Me and my rocking chair! Always makes me smile when the place name tallies with an English one, but the places themselves are so different! Roses apart.

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    • I’m just about ready for the rocking chair and surrounded by roses Jo. Climate more like UK. 4 seasons, but not so cold and wet in the winter. Hope all is well in your corner of the world 🥰

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  3. It is a shame that so many of the historical buildings in cities get submerged by high-risers, but it is the same all over the world. I hope Launceston holds onto its charm. Our Launceston is rather pretty too, though I suspect not noted for its roses.

    Those cute workers’ cottages are lovely. Watching an Australian version of the TV program ‘Love it or List it’ I was astonished to see that the ones around Sydney are sold for around AUD2 million! How can anyone afford those prices? It seems that property in Brisbane is on the rise too.

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    • Yes prices are ridiculously exorbitant Jude and, sadly, the old cottages are usually demolished and , to my eyes, ugly, modern square macmansions put up with no room left around them for gardens.

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  4. Beautiful architecture here. I love that about places that are centuries old, as in the US the only place you can find any older buildings is on the East coast and those are not nearly as old as in Europe or where you now live. Glad you have been enjoying the trip. Take care.

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    • I marvel at the age and history of buildings in Europe and other parts of the world Australia is like the US only about 250 years of European history. But, of course, thousands of years of Indigenous history. But they left no trace of their past, just living on and with the land.


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