Changing Seasons : April 2022…

April seems to have been almost non existent. It has slipped by with hardly a ripple. After 2 months of torrential rain, over 1000mm during February and March, it was just a gentle 96mm this month. The temperature has stayed in the mid to high 20’s. The garden has needed very little attention. The summer growth has slowed and everything has settled down to the quiet Autumn/Winter stage. I love this time, I can just meander around, plucking the occasional weed that I can see, and turning a blind eye to the weeds skulking under the rest of the garden growth. Our garden is now very mature and all the plants jostle and compete with each other for space and light.craig penny art workshop. garden 099_5184x3888

Not a lot of flowers at this time of the year, but it is a symphony of greens and foliage colours. This is the front garden. Now I will take you through the gate into the back garden. 017_4000x3000

The Banksias are still making a splendid show. Old man banksia in the first photo, at almost 25 years old, dominates the other, younger varieties. 022_4000x3000

Now the crucifix orchid are bursting into flower. They will be flowering for 3-4 months. I love their vibrant orange.010_3000x4000

Over behind the fish ponds one of Jack’s mask sculptures peers out from among the heliconias.

Because it has rained on so many days I have spent many creative hours in my art room. My happy, but very untidy, space.


Now the borders are, at last, open, and no permits are needed to pass back and forth. Almost back to normal. So this month, for the first time in 2 years, we went over the border, feeling very adventurous, to Murwhillumbah, a 40 minute drive away. When we arrived we were greeted by music drifting down the street. We followed the sound of Dixie Land Jazz  to the local pub. 5 talented musicians were playing their hearts out to a small gathering of locals. As outsiders we were made to feel welcome and stayed to have lunch and enjoy the happy sound.

Another outing was to the movies, another first for quite a while. The movie thearte is set in parklands next to the new HOTA art gallery. So after the movie we went for a stroll round the lake just on sunset. What an amazing view of the new art gallery and its reflections.20220405_172019_4128x3096

Took the time to just sit and take in the view and take out our sketch books to try and capture another of the strange sculptures in the park.

I always carry a small sketch book with me, and so does Jack. A handy way to fill in time while waiting for lunch or a cup of coffee to be served. Here we were waiting for lunch at the local surf club. What a magnificent position, right on the beach front.

So the month has ambled by. Covid restrictions are becoming a thing of the past. Thousands of tourists and people from the other states and countries are pouring into the Gold Coast. The economy is bouncing back.


Ju-lyn of “touring my backyard” and Brian of “bushboys world” host this monthly challenge. A great way to keep a monthly check of what happens every month. 


  1. Never a wasted second in your lives, Pauline. Most of us pick up the mobile phone and social media if we’re waiting for something. Your way is much more productive! Love that tiny orange orchid- what a beauty! And Jack’s sculpture. Wishing you a very happy May!

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  2. Dixieland Jazz in Australia?! That seems odd. I suppose that everyone appreciates Dixieland Jazz. Your garden looks so full, sort of like Brent’s garden down south, with much of the same material. It does not get as hot in the coastal parts of Los Angeles as it gets there though, so it likely takes longer for plants that appreciate warmth to grow.

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  3. April looks and sounds like a lovely month in your garden Pauline . Enjoying less extreme rain offerings and just pottering and plucking up the odd weed sounds extra good to me 🙂 Here everything is taking off a speed I’m not sure why I didn’t notice two fence bound honeysuckles come into bloom almost overnight it seems !
    Ah .. and your down time with some art creativity .. loved peeping into your art room, a real bonus to have a dedicated space to go mad in Lol
    Lovely free mark making there with your sketches Pauline ! Here’s to more going over the border whenever you wish to xx

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    • Autumn is my favourite time of the year. I have so much more energy once the weather cools down. But must admit the old body slows my actions down 🙄.jack has his art room too. We have a 3 bedroom house and converted 2 into art/craft rooms. Pleased to see you back on WP Poppy. Hope you have a creative May and show us what you do. 🎨📷🤗


  4. Love your happy place PP. I can see you busy in that room with all the paints. Your sketches (you and Jack) always fill me with admiration, such a wonderful way to fill in those minutes whilst waiting around. You say the garden doesn’t have a lot of flowers, but it looks very colourful to me! I am so glad you keep on posting this record of your garden, and life. Have a lovely May, hopefully with more outings to come.
    Jude xx

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    • Art can be quite addictive Jude. Tend to be looking around all the time and composing pictures in my minds eye. Not growing so many annuals now Jude. I was only growing them as fillers till the rest took over, which it has now. So shrubs and perennials spot flower through the year, mainly spring and summer. We are starting to think of a long weekend away down south before the colder weather sets in. But can’t decide where to go. 🤔hope your spring weather is being kind to you 🤗


  5. Your garden, no matter the Season, is always magnificent! I love your art room, I love jazz and the architecture of the museum is awesome! I am happy things are getting back to the way they should be in your part of the world. Happy for you and Jack that you have so many things in common. Do take good care.

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    • Jack has his own art room too. That art gallery was only opened a year ago. Known as HOTA, “home of the arts” the building is a work of art too, in a lovely setting. Hope things are improving in your part of the world

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  6. I like jazz a lot so that sounds like fun. The banksia plants in the second row look as if they’re growing corn on the cob. 🙂 Your art room (and art) is amazing and I really like Jack’s sculpture face. Happy May!


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  7. I love everything about this. The walk through your yard, the specific plants that are unusual to this part of the world, and your art room. What a dream that must be to create till your heart is content. And how fun to carry a sketch book with you for spur of the moments.

    What a great way to celebrate restrictions behind you. Loved the sketch, and the mask peeking. Donna

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  8. It does feel strange to know we can go anywhere, and we’re still being very cautious. Isn’t it nice to have a room of your own where you can potter away and do your thing without having to put it all away at the end of the day. I love my sewing room.

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  9. One of the highlights (I think I might have mentioned this several times before) of visiting your The Changing Seasons is a visit in your garden … it brings so much joy and many smiles as I watch it grow and change with time. And I love how you describe it so lovingly … in particular: “all the plants jostle and compete with each other for space and light’ … I can just see them

    How fabulous that you can pop into different places to enjoy the the scenery and amenities. It is a good sign that many countries seem to be finally recovering from the craziness of the past few years. Let’s hope the forward positive trend continues! My favourite expedition image is the art gallery across from the lake … the juxtaposition of artistic architecture with serene nature just tickles.

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  10. Your garden is looking spectacular. Love those Banksias. How sweet to be able to get out and about more without all the covid worry. Happy autumn and winter to you!

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