Changing Seasons : August 2022

August was a hectic month of opening boxes, sorting and finding places to put things. Finally we reached the last 2 boxes.20220815_071226_3096x4128

Now came the fun part, we had to fit things in. Make it feel like home.20220804_060047_2576x1932

This was how we looked on the first night after our belongings had been delivered up to the 30th floor of our apartment, total chaos…

After moving things and rearranging things a few times, gradually we were satisfied. Even found places to put up some of our art work.

Now we had time to enjoy our new home. Time to sit on the balcony with a cuppa and look at the view.


Friends came to visit and brought us a beautiful pot of flowers. They chose well, I love orange and it brightens up the balcony.

But not only friends dropped in. Quite literally we had a man drop in from the sky. He was cleaning the outside windows. A real benefit of apartment living I had not expected, but really appreciate. The body corp looks after all those maintenance jobs. 20220816_120311_2448x3264

After settling in we had time to go round to the son’s place and see how the pots and Jack’s sculptures had fitted in.

We were greeted by a beautiful Grevillea in full bloom.

Wandering around the garden paths we could see familiar things.

In the zen garden corner a familiar face peers out at us.

Back home on our balcony my minute pot garden is very easy to care for and I enjoy going out each morning to talk to the plants and see to their needs. No stress, so easy to care for. 20220818_131428_4128x3096

Now we are settled in and have no regrets about moving in to this hi-rise, apartment living. Maybe next month we will find time to explore more of this area.


Ju-lyn, “touring my backyard< and Brian, “Bushboy’s world” host this monthly challenge, keeping us up to date with the monthly happenings in their area of the world. Pop over to see them.


  1. You’ve made it look beautifully lived in, Pauline, and I can see how happy you are there. And you have just enough ‘garden’ to play with, and your son’s to visit when you need more. All that and a friendly window cleaner too! Have a happy September, both of you.

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  2. What a wonderful transition… the apartment looks like your home now with your touch and all your art around xx

    Jackie Carroll
    Director |Owner
    m +64 21 342766+64%2021%20342766

    The TLL way – achieving what matters…

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  3. I can imagine that with the view you could sit on that balcony all day long! Nice to see the son’s garden, he obviously has inherited the gardening bug. Good to know that you are happy with your decision and feeling settled. Moving home is such a stressful time usually.

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  4. It doesn’t seem like you need any good luck wishes settling into your new home Pauline !
    You and Jack have put your ‘stamp’ on it very quickly by the looks of things . What fabulous views to enjoy from your balcony , I can see you’ll never be short of inspiration for a skyscape in your art work 🙂 or photography !
    Poppy x


  5. It’s been quite a move for you both – but you’ve made it look so easy!!!! I think I would still have boxes left for a much longer time! I love seeing your views from your new home – I’ve shown Loving Husband some of them and we’ve enjoyed them together.

    P/S The photo of your “2 boxes left” is missing.

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  6. Hello Pauline, I was looking through some of my old posts and saw a comment by you which made me realise I haven’t seen anything of yours for a long time. Nice to see that you’re settled into a wonderful new space, and goodness, what a view! You both look very happy.

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