Changing Seasons : January 2023

The new year has started with us feeling the pull of the open road. January has been a month of dreaming about what we will do this year and then planning. 

A trip to New Zealand is high on the list, but the air fare prices are so high at the moment, and air travel is very unpredictable that we are waiting till later in the year for that adventure. Maybe even do a cruise…

Then the son suggests we all go for a week get away to celebrate his 50th birthday. What a good idea. So after much discussion and searching on Google, we decide on Stradbroke Island. We have booked a lovely Airbnb home right on the beach at Amity Point. That will be in April over Easter.

This weekend we will be setting off on a road trip to Sydney. The first road trip we have done for 5 years. I’m feeling excited, but also a tiny bit apprehensive. So we will be taking it very slowly, with lots of stops along the way. A 2 day stop at Port Macquarie and then on to visit another son in Cambletown. He bought a house 3 years ago and so far we haven’t seen it.

All the pot plants have been taken to James’s garden.


What a sense of freedom it is living here with no garden to worry about. We can just shut the door and go. 20230201_075805_4000x3000

All that’s left is Buddha and a few ornaments. I’m wondering if I will bring the plants back.. The lorrikeets were very confused when they came visiting and complained quite loudly. (Click on the short video to hear them.)

We’ve still been walking and using the local busses to explore and, of course, our sketch books are always with us.

20230116_124722 cropped_2087x1273

But when the storm clouds gather it is time to head home and sit on the balcony to watch the storm pass over. 20230131_172308_4000x3000

But it soon passed and the next day it is back to our usual sparkling, blue outlook.20230201_083653_4000x3000

So January is now a memory and a record on my blog. If you would like to follow me on our road trip to Sydney I will be posting photos on my instagram account “pauline.carroll.92”


Thanks to Jo-lyn and Brian keeping the “changing Seasons” monthly challenge running it prompts me to keep a record of our changing times.


  1. Love your sketches as usual and still admiring that view. I’m happy that you can pick up and leave when you like and I’ll be interested in hearing about/seeing what you see on your upcoming trips. Best to you and Jack.


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  2. Those photos show the difference the weather makes to our view.
    And the dramatic photo of storm clouds tell a story of how unpredictable the weather is these days.
    The Rainbow lorikeets seem to be complaining because the plants have vanished.
    They will have to fly 🦅to our sons place the garden is all go there.😎🥰

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    • Life and expectancies change Jo, and I firmly believe you have to go with the flow. I know the plants will be cared for and loved by our son. And we do have visiting rights 🤗🥰


  3. I just can’t see you without any plants at all. I suspect a few might make their way back – you just need those that survive on neglect! Enjoy the road trip. Been a while since we did a proper one. I take it you are still driving then PP? Stradbroke Island sounds good, my son and his family had a holiday over there and loved it. Have fun xx

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    • Yes I still drive, it was touch and go a while back as my sight was not too good and I was told if it got any worse I would not pass the annual drivers licence medical test we have to have over here, once we are over 75. But I had my cataracts done a couple of months ago and I now have 20/20 vision. We have visited Stradbroke in the past, but never stayed there. So something to look forward to. Will wait and see about the plants, they can always come back then go back for a holiday!!! at the son’s place when we go away. Hope your weather is warming up.


  4. How wonderful that your potted plants now have a new home. One which you can visit. But having a garden is work…of course, but I still miss mine as I sold my home in 2015 after I had open heart surgery. I love the outdoors and working in my garden…though only a fraction of what you had…was such a relaxing effort for me. Yes, work, but to see things grown and flourish…well, I’m sure you understand. I wish you well on your trip and will endeavor to keep track of you on Instagram. Do take good care…both you and Jack.

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  5. Keep pushing those boundaries out, Pauline. You both have a few things to look forward to which is wonderful. Sometimes having someone else initiate a trip gets the travel ball rolling. Have fun.

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  6. How exciting that you have travel on your mind & in the near future! My folks are constantly looking for good travel deals now – to get around that same problem you have encountered of ridiculously high airfares!

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