The hidden patterns of rocks : Lens-artist photo challenge.

Jack has always had a passion for rocks and over the years had accumulated a large collection of all shapes and sizes. When we moved to Australia his stones came with him. Joining a lapidary club he began cutting and polishing the specimens. He soon had an impressive collection, so to display them he began a labour of love and used the largest to build a 6 column structure round the side of the house. rocks (6 of 6)_3000x4000It took many months to complete and we called it “the Bali corner”. On the south side it is a delightful, cool place in summer to entertain, or sit and relax with a cup of coffee or glass of  wine. rocks (2 of 6)_2843x3717

Look closer, do you recognise any of the specimens?

When we travelled around Australia, from 2010 to 2014, many hours were spent fossicking for more rocks. When cut these unassuming lumps of rock can reveal hidden patterns that have been formed over millions of years. Jack is now making elegant stands to display them. Yesterday he took these photos to show that nature is the ultimate artist in the creation of patterns. mounted rocks jc 027_4000x3000mounted rocks jc 025text edit_4000x3000


  1. I share his love of rocks. I’m picking up stones, pebbles, and rocks all the time, but I’ve never cut any open. Wow, those are gorgeous. I love the Thunder Stones. Those columns are quite impressive! Well done Jack!
    It’s a lovely retreat from the sun.

    The Banksia Men is that a plant pod? I’ve see and photographed something similar in the Australian garden in Santa Cruz, CA.

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  2. That is a lot of work! Are there rocks that I should recognize?
    Have you heard of the Watts Towers in Los Angeles? They are nothing like these of course, but these six columns reminded me of them because they are adorned with bits of tile, porcelain, stone and any bits and pieces that could survive the weather. They are really weird sculpture. I happened to see them many years ago.

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  3. What a delightful cool glade in this corner of your garden you have made both of you.. Love what Jack has done with those beautiful rocks.. I collect a few pieces of polished Agate and have slices of them dotted here and there in my home.. And I never tire of looking how the light catches them.. The columns Jack has created are just beautiful..
    🙂 Have a wonderful weekend both of you ❤


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