Sunrise at Burleigh Beach, and the start of a new day
Sunrise at Burleigh Beach, the start of a new day


Since 2009 to 2015 life was all about travel. So during that time I created “Gypsy Life” to record the journey round Australia in “Matilda” our home and transport during those memorable years. We had fun, we met so many interesting people. Scenery was amazing and photography became my joy.

I also became addicted to blogging. So I started a second site, “Memories are made of this” I followed a number of the challenges that are hosted by other bloggers, posting on one or other of the sites almost daily. I looked at the world around me with the eyes of a blogger, assessing if I should take a photo. What sort of story did I want to tell. Researching background stories to go with photos of buildings and other random subjects I shot. Blogging was taking over every spare minute.


For 6 years we lived the life of grey nomads wandering around Australia in Matilda a Toyota pop-top camper van, or as Jack called her, the sardine can. I paid a tribute to her in this post “Gypsy Life”. https://pommepal.wordpress.com/2013/12/23/weekly-photo-challenge-one-a-tribute-to-matilda/ 

I cried when we sold her!!! But life changes and I believe in going with the flow.

Occasionally we would have visitors for afternoon tea.Occasionally we would have unusual visitors for afternoon tea

For the next 2 years 2014 to 2016  we did house sits in many parts of Australia meeting interesting people and loving this wide, brown land.  I continued blogging. We knew that Australia was the only place we wanted to live. Life was free and easy. But as we grew older it was time to come home and settle down to a sedentary lifestyle.

So a year ago we moved back into our house on the Gold Coast and I had my teeth pulled out. That was traumatic. I lived on soup, veggie smoothies, scrambled eggs and porridge for a long time but, on the positive side, the weight dropped off. I went down 2 dress sizes,(and I’ve kept it off…).

After living in a very small campervan, interspersed with stays in a one room granny flat, moving back into a 3 bedroom house, we now had room to spread out and set up a playroom/art studio each.

So began a new phase. I stopped blogging, I went cold turkey, it was only meant to be for a few months, but a year just rushed by.

During that time I immersed myself in art, joined a weekly art group and a monthly calligraphy group. Had the joy of getting my hands dirty in the garden again as I watched it change through the seasons. Occasionally even having short trips away. So I took time out. The camera was almost totally retired, it was no longer a permanent fixture over my shoulder, only coming out to record special occasions.

It was quite liberating.

Now I feel the urge to start blogging again. But not every day! (Or so I say now!). So after a years “art sabbatical” I am now back in the blogosphere fold.





I do hope you would like to join me. I will show you around the Gold Coast. Keep you up to date with my garden and other random things. I may even do the occasional challenge.

But I will try NOT to let the blog take me over…

If you would like to know more about my back story you can click over to Gypsy Life and on the “about” page I tell about my life. Born in UK and lived in New Zealand.




  1. A bit late to the party but thought I’d let you know I’m glad to see you back again. You’ll be a wonderful ambassador for your part of the country 😊
    I had a couple of breaks last year and ‘lost contact’ with some bloggers. Am slowly getting reunited with them
    Take care

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      • We will most definetly go back, our visit was far too short. We spent time with our cousins in Perth and in Caloundra. We also visited Hamilton Island, Great Barrier Reef, Whitsundays and finished in Sydney….it was magical. I love that you travelled around Australia in a campervan, something we would love to do in the future. Will have a good read of all your past posts😄

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        • Thank you for dropping in Gilda. My word you certainly saw a lot in 3 weeks. Caloundra is not a place many tourists go to. It is not far from where I live. A camper van or caravan is definitely the best way to see Australia

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    • G’day, nice to hear from you. I lived in many parts of the north island for nearly 40 years before coming to Aus. Farming in the Waikato, Stratford then New Plymouth, Morrinsville, Pukekohoe, Hamilton, Finally Auckland for 12 years before coming here. I still have a son in Waiuku and daughter in Tauranga so visit NZ quite often. Originally came from UK, many years ago….

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  2. Nice to meet you! I popped over here from Su’s blog as I’ve started the Changing Seasons’s challenge. First of all, so envious of your life! (not the teeth part) Secondly, I named my first car Matilda! Funny coincidence, eh? And I love the fact that you are doing these art retreats – and I’m drooling over your garden.

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    • Hi Lani lovely to hear from you, I’ll pop over and visit your blog. I think the “changing seasons” is a great way to keep a record of the quickly passing months. I like to go back and check what was happening a year ago. I was so sad when we sold Matilda, it was such a glorious 6 years that we spent exploring Australia with her. I’ve become totally passionate about art retreats, they are so much fun and I learn so much at them

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  3. I am happy you found a place to settle. My Mum had a pot plant garden at her place and it was so good to be able to swap plants from outside to inside at a whim.
    A very good example of Changing Seasons ( and changing a place to live)
    Thanks for joining Ju-Lyn and I in The Changing Seasons 🙂 🙂

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