Variations on a river theme…

After buying the mangoes and spending time admiring and photographing the view, the road slowly wound back down into the valley following the Tweed river but, annoyingly, not able to see or photograph it because of the thick row of trees. Then along a dirt side road we could see a bridge crossing the river. Time to stop and explore.

A large sign proclaimed it was “PRIVATE” No one seemed to be around so, nervously, I approached the bridge and just had to take some photos…river-1_5184x3888First looking up-stream where the water gently meanders, creating deep reflections.

Then for a variation on the theme I turn and look down stream.river-3_5184x3888The river cascades under the bridge and the rocks create ripples and eddies.river-2_5184x3888I grab one more photo. But another sign, on the other side of the bridge says “TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED” time to go…

Just a little way along the road and flags and this intriguing sign catches my eye.river-8_5184x3888“Come on” says Jack, “I would like to see what is down here”. The long drive leads to this.river-7_4889x3667An Ashram devoted to the followers of Krishna. We talked for a while with the gentle and friendly people there. They said they had retreats there and time could be spent in their guest cabins down by the river. That is quite tempting. They invited us to go for a walk around.river-4_5184x3888The mission is set on acreage in a beautiful valley. A small track leads through the trees and there was another variation of the river.river-5_3888x5184Deeper now, it runs slowly between the banks. Such a tranquil place. A stay here would be very restful. Jack is very keen to come back at some stage.

So our day out is almost over. It has been interesting. When exploring a new area keep your eyes open and you never know what you will find. Even close to home there are treasures to be found…



  1. Those river shots look so cool and inviting, Pauline, especially as we swelter through this summer. So true, too, about keeping your eyes open in a new place …. plus sometimes it pays to ignore the signs 🙂

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  2. Just yesterday, while at work, I happened to go to the confluence of Bean Creek and Zayante Creek, which are two of the most important creeks in my world on this side of the summit. (There are different creeks on the north side in Santa Clara County.) I know it is nothing, but it is cool to see. The top of Zayante Creek flowed through the bottom of my garden. Bean Creek flows through the farm.

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  3. Treasures indeed. So glad you weren’t caught and prosecuted and what a contrast with the next more welcoming find. Yes, I can see Jack being happy in an Ashram. Not sure about you. It might be just a bit TOO quiet for you 🙂

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