Tour Guide around Burleigh Heads




What do I love about this area I call home? Well there is so much, but I will just take you on a tour and show you a few things that are within a one kilometre of my house. A big bonus is that this area is all flat so I can ride my bike down to the beach.

The Gold Coast is all about sun, sea and sand

burleigh beach morning walk-15_2376x2845

Surfers travel from around the world to experience the iconic surf breaks and major surfing competitions that are held here.

But I prefer to sit and watch. In the distance Burleigh Heads National Park rises, seemingly out of the ocean. How lucky to have this natural beauty on our doorstep.



sunrise burleigh heads walk pc 060_4000x3000

Tracks wander through the dappled shade along the ocean and then up and over the top giving views along the coast.

sunrise burleigh heads walk pc 169_3000x4000

After all the activity time to explore James Street, the vibrant, buzzing main shopping street of Burleigh Heads. It is a mecca of boutique shops of all kinds and the café culture is renowned.

Sunday in Burleigh 033_4000x3000

Whatever type of food you prefer I’m sure you can find it here. From just a coffee to a main meal.

Sunday in Burleigh 030_4000x3000

My favourite is this Govindas. With organic vegetables sourced from the Hare Krishna farm, it is a delicious, tasty and reasonably priced  vegetarian meal.



Street and HDR 015

I live in one of Australia’s major tourist areas and Surfers Paradise is about 20 kilometres further north along the coast. That is the area that most people have heard of when you say Gold Coast and it attracts tourists of all kinds from around the world. But Burleigh is not so well known, more of a local sort of place and I like it like that.

This week for the WP photo challenge Krista has asked us to share with you photos of where we live. I hope you enjoyed this short visit with me.



  1. I think Surfer’s looks incongruous next to all that natural beauty, how on earth did such a place get planning permission? Such an eyesore. Your little place is much prettier and you certainly are ‘living in paradise’.

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        • Another 20 story hi-rise is almost finished going up at the end of our street. Fortunately or sadly, they can only build them along the beach around us 2 stories is maximum, at the moment!!! As I sit here this morning I can here another house being torn down in the next street and this area is only 40 to 50 years old…


  2. The flora there is so fascinating. That big Norfolk Island pine (to the left in the picture with the skyscraper in the background) is uncommon here. The biggest and oldest ones around Santa Barbara and San Diego were introduces not much more than a century ago, so there are not many big ones.

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  3. I’d like Burleigh very much Govinda’s sounds perfect and to live as close as you to the beach would be fantastic. Not to swim, I’m pretty hopeless in the water, but to walk. Surfers Paradise wouldn’t be me though 🙂

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