Jack had visitors while I was out…

kookaburras (1 of 6)_4000x3000

A whole family of kookaburras came calling while I was away. They haven’t been here for a long time. The Noisy Miner birds patrol this garden and chase all other birds away. You can see how nervously they are all looking around. kookaburras (3 of 6)_4000x3000So Jack rushed inside for the camera. Then went in to get them some meat.

Oh dear, unfortunately he left the screen door open behind him…

These 2 photos are a bit blurred as Jack tried to coax them back out. Pleased to report no damage or calling cards left behind. I had to smile when he showed me these photos and share them with you…


  1. Thanks for sharing this happy happening on your interesting blog.

    They knew you were out Pauline and I would let them come right in and help them selves.
    Actually I did not let them come in on purpose as if they panic birds try to fly out through closed windows.
    So I was careful not to frighten them, that accounts the poor quality photos or may be I was just excited.

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  2. Much cuter than the family of Magpies that frequent my garden. Though they do make me smile with their antics. I hope they come back for another visit now they know Jack’s got meat for them πŸ˜€

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  3. They are so beautiful! I love to hear them, but I’ve only seen and heard them in the zoo. To see them in the wild would be amazing!

    I’m so glad they made it out of the house safely. What an exciting thing to happen. I once had a Chick-a-Dee fly in the open sliding glass door. It took quite awhile to get him going out the door again. Thankfully there were no accidents from him to clean up either. 😊

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  4. I soooo loved this post, and I’m not surprised that the feathered society knows that your doors and windows are always open for your avian friends! This is delightful and refreshing!

    Thanks for your many comments, all which remain unanswered — with little time on line, i’d rather visit posts from others than to acknowledge the comment queue!

    Heading back to the museum now, and then offline til —- ?

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  5. Well Pauline they knew that they were welcome at your place so they hopped right on in to make themselves more at home.. Great Photo’s and please give Jack my good wishes and pass on a πŸ™ his way.. πŸ™‚

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