Blending in and standing out on the Broken Hill road trip…

On the way to Broken Hill I decided to stop at a small town called Wentworth. The reason being it is where the  two majestic rivers the Murray and the Darling join. which when combined, is the fourth largest river system in the world. The statistics are staggering…

The Murray-Darling is the world’s 16th-longest river at 2,310 miles. It is actually two rivers that are taken together. Both begin far inland and flow to the Southern Ocean.

The Murray-Darling drainage area is one of the largest in the world and certainly the largest on the continent, draining most of inland Victoria, New South Wales, and southern Queensland.

The Murray-Darling system is one of the least changed things in all of Nature. Its drainage pattern has remained in virtually the same place for millions of years. The river was first explored in 1824 by William H. Hovell and Hamilton H. Hume. It wasn’t until five years later, however, that Charles Sturt navigated both rivers enough to determine that they were indeed the same river system.

wentworth (1 of 7)_4000x3000This is where they blend in together. The Darling is on the far side of the spit of land and the mighty Murray is the closer river.

Broken Hill road trip 046 map_2441x3516

wentworth (7 of 7)

There is an attractive park and picnic area along the banks of the rivers and we stretch our legs in a walk around before continuing our journey. I spot a sign telling me to take a photo from this spot. Can you see the signwentworth (2 of 7)_4383x3581I can’t resist checking what it is for. It is a rather strangely landscaped steep bank in front of the sign.wentworth (3 of 7)_2857x2941Jack also can’t resist taking a photo of me taking a photo…wentworth (6 of 7)

wentworth (4 of 7)_4471x2517

Can you now see what I can see through the camera lens? From this spot the plants and stones line up perfectly to blend in with the real posts and trees behind the bank. How clever is that…

Turning to go back to the car I pass this interesting sculpture. wentworth (5 of 7)_4932x3625Those fish certainly stand out from the tree trunk.


The lens-artists photo challenge this week is “blending in or standing out”


  1. Ps –
    I saw your comment on a different blog and was hoping I’d see a post in the reader (and I did) because usually Clicking your gravatar takes me to the old blog- ugh – and so now I finally got to connect – I am very glad and wishing you and jack a nice week

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  2. This has to be the most unusual and most appropriate entry for this challenge. How cool is that view! I wonder who had that brilliant idea. I visited the Menindee lakes from BH where dead trees stand in the water. Really quite spooky.

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