Early morning heat haze…

jack early morning beach 064The iconic Gold Coast skyline bathed in the early morning light. Is it a heat-haze or sea-spray?beach (12 of 12)As the sun rises higher and gets hotter the mist/haze evaporates. It is going to be another hot day in the city…

(These photos were taken by Jack on his morning walk)


Life has taken over these past 2 weeks and I almost missed the window of time for the “Len’s-artists photo challenge”. This week Patti has asked for cityscapes.


  1. That is quite a cityscape. I always thought that the Gold Coast was a region in Queensland, not an actual city. My recollection of being there was of Surfers Paradise where we went for a meal, so is that just a suburb of Gold Coast City?

    Looking at these pictures those high risers have definitely multiplied in the 20 years since I was there.
    Lovely photos Jack ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Hasn’t it been a stinker? We’re not near the ocean and we get very little breeze so I tend to venture out early or after 5pm. Surfers certainly looks better as the sun rises and from the vantage point of the coast ๐Ÿ™‚ Great photos!

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  3. I sort of wish that San Jose had a more impressive skyline. It is the tenth most populous city in America, but really does not look like much. There are not many skyscrapers, and those that are there are relatively low because they are under the flightpath for the airport.

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