Seat Series #1 : Contemplation Seat

We have places to sit scattered all round the garden. 6 benches, 3 picnic tables plus chairs and a couple of random seats.

This morning, at 6am, as I went around dead heading, plus pulling the occasional weed, checking if anything needed watering and communing with my flowers I came across Jack sitting quietly on one of the benches sketching. untitled-13-12_4000x3000img258So I joined him. The light at that time of the morning is inspirational. Should take some photos. So Jack went for the camera while I sat and waited with my dead heading bucket at my feet….untitled-1-1_3374x2577That started a train of thought….

“Let’s call this the “Contemplation Seat” said Jack. “Sounds great” I said, as we passed the camera back and forth taking photos while sitting on the “contemplation seat”.

That’s when the idea was born to go round sitting on each seat/bench, giving them all names, and I will share the views from each seat with you all.

So today you may like to join me on the “contemplation seat”, look around, the sun is just over the horizon, tipping the bushes giving them a halo of iridescent light. untitled-2-2_3839x2879We are sitting under the Frangipani tree. Look up into the canopy at the interesting pattern of the Criss-crossing leaves and the play of shadowsuntitled-11-10_4000x3000Then look down at our feet, the flowers are starting to fall as they come to the end of their flowering period. Soon it will be a daily job to pick up the fallen leaves.


Sitting in the shade is cool and tranquil, but it is going to be another hot day. The Croton bush seems to be on fire while behind it the Salvia and bromeliads add a cool contrast. Last week I had a great find at the op shop, for $5, a calibrated rain gauge. You can just see it waiting for rain behind the Salvias.



Jack’s Desert Roses are doing very well and 3 of them have been given a pride of place on pedestals where they will get all day sun. They flourish in this spot and from the seat we can just see 2 of them through the Frangipani branches. You will see them better from the next seat…untitled-14-13_3000x4000Looking to the right the large pot has water lilies growing in it. Big healthy leaves but the flower has just finished. At the back of the cottage garden border behind the water-lily pot, in the top left corner of the photo below, the new Lilly Pilly leaves are making a bold statement.

untitled-7-7_4000x3000Here is a closer look at them. The Powder Puff Lilly Pilly is showing off its new leaves, a soft, iridescent dusky pink, such a contrast to the vibrant green. They always surprise me the way they just suddenly appear, almost like autumn leaves. untitled-4-4_2686x3465Sitting here, quietly looking around, is a beautiful way to start the day. A time of peaceful contemplation. The air is filled with bird song, In the distance I can hear the busy chattering of the lorikeets as they head out from the nature reserve and the sweet song of the magpies. While the raucous crows make their presence felt.


I notice the bird bath needs filling, and the butcher bird will soon arrive for his breakfast, so time to move on and do a few more jobs before breakfast and while the temperature is still a comfortable 25 degrees. Picking up the dead heading bucket I go for one last look around.

I hope you enjoyed these few quiet moments joining us on the “contemplation seat”.


  1. I continue to enjoy all of my time in your garden and I imagine the sun warming my skin. I miss the sunshine of California where I was born and raised. The Winters here in Washington State can be cold and too long for me and very wet. So I long for Spring and Summer to arrive. Thank you for sharing your contemplation seat with me. My muse would love it so.

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  2. I love this idea of the contemplation seat. I love Jack’s sketch and your photos, and now that I’ve started my drawing class, I’d also love to see some sketches from you! I can imagine it must be lovely taking breaks throughout the day to sit in your many contemplation seats. 🙂

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  3. Your garden looks so restful, Pauline. Early morning is the best time to be in the garden during this hot summer, and you’ve captured it beautifully in your photos. It’s a great idea to takes us around the seats in this way.

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  4. How did I miss this one? Anyway, no worries I am here now. Such a lovely post. And such a lovely garden. I am still trying to fit all the pieces together in my head but get confused. You need to draw a plan of your plot and the positions of all your lovely plants. Something to do perhaps on those days when it is too wet or too hot to go outdoors. Jack’s Desert Roses are simply fabulous. Has he sold any yet? I know he had a lot of babies.

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    • Drawing a plan would be a good idea, but not easy, small garden, lots of plants. Jack now has about 40 desert roses and he will keep them until they flower. They have just started and the first one was a gorgeous deep red with an almost black frill around it and it was a double. He was thrilled with it.


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