20/20 Photo Challenge : Patterns

Jude is hosting a “20/20 Photo Challenge” (here are the assignments). Each month she sets a new theme and gives tips about what to look for. Last month the theme was “composition”, this month it is “patterns”.

“This month we are going to look at Patterns. Patterns can be found everywhere, in nature or man-made constructions. For a photographer, using patterns is key to a good composition.

Each week Jude sets a new assignment and this week is the final week’s assignment for February. Next month it will be using textures…

This month’s final assignment – Use pattern as a background for a more substantial subject.

hamilton paeroa pc 045_3264x2448I love New Zealand’s clean, green landscape and the pattern of these rolling hills are a compliment and background to the solid form and contrasting colour of the sheep.beach sunset pelican lake 149_3888x5184 At the end of our street is Pelican Lake and the delicate leaves of the gum tree are outlined against the dramatic pattern of the clouds as the sun sets below the horizon.

Well what do you think, have I followed Jude’s brief ? Or are the backgrounds not really what you would class as patterns?

Jude has shown us some interesting examples, take a look, I do like her Kea bird.


  1. I appreciate you joining me PP. It is interesting to see the way people comment when we invite them to make an observation. ☺ This is indeed a difficult challenge and I know in my head what I’d like to capture to illustrate the point. I think Aletta has a great example where she has her subject – window cleaners – against a background of squares – the windows.

    Your first photo has a lovely organic pattern as the background and the sheep are obviously the subject so this works. The sunset is a good patterned background to the leaves, but possibly too much other stuff going on? Sigh.. critiquing someone else’s work is hard.

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  2. I like them very much Pauline and although it seems a cop out on making my own observation 😉 I agree with Jo !
    I think it was the most difficult challenge so far.

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      • It’s interesting, as I really struggled, not even sure quite what I was looking for.
        Seeing your images and Jude’s gave me some clarity that I wouldn’t have got otherwise. I’m not sure I’ll have time to shoot the image I have in mind this week, but both of you have given me a much better understanding and inspiration. I think that’s why this challenge is so good — we’re all learning. So thank you!

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