Come with me for a video walk in the garden…

Last night it was a cool night, down to 7deg. Perfect for snuggling under the blankets and getting a good nights sleep. But it is now a beautiful sunny day.  Autumn in Queensland is the very best time to be in the garden. So I would like to take you on a short walk round a corner of the garden. Enjoy….

I would like to join “Restless Jo’s” band of happy walkers from around the world with my version of walking in these restricted times.

I will take you to another area next week.


  1. So wonderful to take a walk through your garden and to hear your lovely voice. I feel as though I have been there walking with you in a very physical way. I could even hear birds in the background. Perhaps, at some point, you might take a walk around another part of your garden? I would certainly love it if you did. You certainly do have your bit of paradise. Be well.

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  2. Like a walk in the park, so to speak.
    Your adlib narration was very professional.
    I found it difficult when I tried it was a catastrophe..
    You were unhesitant and natural.
    This old Hippy took a trip without leaving his chair.

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  3. So nice to sit on your Serenity Seat, Pauline! Perfect view out into your garden. I can well imagine you there with a cuppa and a book. Such a steady hand too! I’ve seldom attempted a video and it’s always full of wobbles 🙂 🙂 Thank you so much for joining me. Looking forward to the next instalment.

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  4. Oh so loved catching your post this morning Pauline.. Your garden looks wonderful what a tranquil space to sit and enjoy..
    I loved your video, and big smiles as I too have been creating videos sharing the allotment plot.. 🙂 Wonderful share and loved your seated area…. 🙂

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  5. What a lovely walk through your garden, Pauline. The evening sounded lovely, snuggling under a blanket. Getting out in your lovely garden and sitting on the serenity seat was a lovely treat for all of us. It was so much fun to see a video and hear your voice with your Aussie accent. I feel like I know you better to hear your voice! Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

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  6. Thank you for the lovely tour! It’s nice to get a sense of your garden in motion, so to speak. I also love the “serenity seat.” If I ever get serious about building a garden, I’ll have to include a serenity seat somewhere!

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