20/20 Photo Challenge : Silhouettes.

This week the assignment is an image using strong back lighting to create a silhouette. This is one of my favourite types of image. It can be so dramatic.

Or capture the light streaming toward you through leaves or foliage. This immediately brought back vivid memories of a day on our trip around Australia. More on that later…

This week's assignment - Use strong back lighting (i.e. shooting towards
 the light source, but do not look directly at the sun) to create a
 contre-jour image where the subject becomes a silhouette, OR shoot the
 light through flowers or leaves creating a transparent effect.

beach (7 of 12)_3650x2594_3650x2594beach sunrise-1_4000x3000_4000x3000
These first two photos were taken early morning on Burleigh Beach. 
The first one is at the southern end of the beach when this young woman 
appeared to be meditating as the sun rose. (Jack took this photo)
The second one I took of the iconic silhouette of the Burleigh headlands
 national park and the Norfolk pines.
desert rose grafton jc 042_4000x3000
This one is a sunset caught on the way home from Grafton. It was the 
weekend of the disastrous wild fires and the sky was lit with an eerie

Now I would like to take you on a trip down memory lane...
The year is 2010 and we were 3 weeks into our year long road trip around
 Australia.It was late afternoon and we were looking for a place to stay 
the night. Here is a quote from my Gypsy Life  blog..."

On Friday we stopped at 3pm at this rest area along the Burnett Highway, for a cuppa.There was a small table but It had no facilities, not even toilets, Maybe that was the reason it was so tidy. The grass had just recently been cut and we walked along a track into the bush area taking lots of photos.

It had such a peaceful atmosphere that we decided to stay for the night. I had to pee behind a tree, and Jack went into the bush to dig himself a hole. It was really getting back to nature, we loved it…

Next morning,  when I looked out from the van it was an ethereal world with the bush disappearing into a world of smoky grey. The area was cloaked with mist. It was pure magic. One of those moments I will remember forever.fog web 006_3264x2448

Without waiting to get dressed I grabbed the camera and Jack jumped
 out sketch book in hand.fog web 034_3264x2448

We were all alone, there was not a sound, no birds singing, no breeze
 rustling the leaves of the stately gum trees, surrounded by the beauty
 of nature. Dewdrops sparkled like diamonds on every stalk of grass. 
fog web 035_3264x2448
Spiders webs were draped everywhere, glistening and iridescent.

fog web 023_3264x2448
Gradually the sun started to pierce through the mist.Bird song started to 
fill the air.
We went back to "Matilda", our home on wheels, and made a cuppa and 
watched as the sun painted the colours back into the surrounding

fog web 002_3264x2448 
We had lots of magical moments on the journey around Australia. 
Thank you Jude for this assignment that brought these memories back
for me.
I'm enjoying this photography challenge Jude has set us. Go here To
see Jude's examples and how to take part.
I've had a few problems and frustrating moments putting this post 
together. It seems to have a mind of its own now WP are changing
the format. Grrrrr.... 
I've just checked this post on my Ipad and it seems to have done
weird things with the format, and this was using the old format, I haven't
even attempted to try the new "block editor" yet. I hope you can all read
Please let me know if it is ok for you. 


  1. Great photos, Pauline, and wonderful memories!

    On my end, via computer, the fonts are changed after first second para, the quote still shows as a quote & para after that’s ok until the next photo, then wonky again.

    Other formatting seems ok. Hope this helps. xx

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  2. Lovely sunrise silhouettes and I love the light through the leaves at the end. I am glad you are having fun with these assignments PP, love all the memories they are bringing back, the photo of Jack in his PJs is hilarious! The formatting is a little odd around the photos, but it’s readable which is all that counts. Thank you for yet another lovely post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think that is why photos are so precious, they bring back memories. I really don’t know why the layout went so strange. Just breaking up lines for no apparent reason. I was getting very frustrated trying to fix it. In the end I just said “#*!!…” and posted it… yes, thanks Jude I am enjoying the challenge.


  3. The photos look small in relation to those you usually post, Pauline, but you’re way ahead of me. I know what I’d like to post next but somehow it’s 11 at night and another day has escaped. The smoggy sunset is especially ethereal and lovely 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes the photos did come smaller, don’t know why 🤔☹️I looked at the tutorials, but they didn’t really make any sense either. I guess it will be a case of trial and error. The one thing I couldn’t find is how to put a gallery of photos in, or even find the media gallery. In desperation in my “take 2” post I just downloaded direct into the post from the computer picture gallery one at a time. Not a thing to attempt at 11pm….


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