20/20 Photo Challenge : Silhouette (take 2)

I took a photograph from the back deck last night of a spectacular sunset, it blazed in rich shades of red, apricot, pink and purple. The trees became silhouettes. Perfect for Jude’s assignment.

This week’s assignment – Use strong backlighting (i.e. shooting towards the light source, but do not look directly at the sun) to create a contre-jour image where the subject becomes a silhouette, OR shoot the light through flowers or leaves creating a transparent effect.

I just had to share it.

Then this afternoon I wandered out into the garden camera in hand to take photos for this months “changing seasons” post. As I rounded the corner this is what I saw…

The sun was perfectly positioned to back light this clump of bromeliads and water lilies, creating strong shadows.

So I couldn’t resist doing a second post for this weeks assignment.


I’m using the new “block editor”. A lot of head scratching going on, there are SO many options, I am rather mind boggled. Below is the link to Jude’s post. not sure if I have got this right. So fingers crossed I will click on publish…


  1. A lovely ‘bruised’ evening sky. I was out last night trying to capture the sliver of crescent moon as the sun set. Not hugely successful but I may post one image! And the light through those leaves is magical. What it the diameter of your pond? It looks quite small to have fish in. I am keen to create a small pond, just need to find some water plants.

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    • “Bruised” is a lovely description for the sky. The whole sky lit up, quite spectacular.
      The big pots jack used are 60 centimetres and he filled the hole in the bottom. It has oxygen weed and the water lilies as well as fish and he never has to do anything with them


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