Tasmania week 2 : Cataract Gorge

The first week had passed so quickly, now we hired a car for the second week and moved to an Airbnb in the centre of Launceston,20211123_172510_3096x4128

What a magnificent old 3 story heritage, colonial style building. We will be staying here a week.

Now to explore Launceston.

The number one tourist attraction is Cataract Gorge. Only a 10 minute drive from where we are staying and the weather is perfect.tasmania 334_3888x5184tasmania 340_5184x3888

We glide gently across the tumbling South Esk River. Over the gardens and first stop is the kiosk for a coffee. The local natives greet us as we get off the chairlift.tasmania 379_3888x5184

We are entertained by this glorious display as we sit in these Victorian style gardens surrounded by ferns and exotic plants. Jack sketches the old rotunda style bandstand. The peacocks are everywhere.tasmania 390_3517x4451 

There are a number of walks around the gorge. Some very challenging. But we have been told that the track along the cliff face is level with great views. So we slowly meandered along it. What an amazing fete of engineering it had been to construct this walk.tasmania 424_3641x3879 

This sign at the beginning of the walk gives an insight to the difficulties they must’ve had when it was originally built. It is stunning.tasmania 429_5184x3888

Thank goodness this rock had been anchored in place.tasmania 430_3888x5184

It was amazing to see flowering plants, mosses and grasses surviving on the bare faces of the escarpment.

This is what the original walk was like in 1890. I’m so pleased it has been upgraded. I don’t think we could’ve managed to walk along it back then.

tasmania 447_5184x3888

At Dog Rock we turn back. Tomorrow we are going on a Tamar River lunch cruise which will also come along this Cataract Gorge. So we will get to see it all again from on the river.

Now we are ready to go back across the river on the chairlift and have lunch at the riverside cafe.tasmania 472_4728x3303tasmania 493 cropped_3385x3803

The lunch was delicious. The most creamy and succulent seafood mornay I have ever eaten. Followed by poached pear with rhubarb and local yoghurt. Launceston was designated the “city of gastronomy” in 2021. One of only 48 world wide since 2004. We thought it definitely lived up to this title as every meal or snack we had was delicious.

Notice the mural an the wall behind me. So appropriate depicting the beautiful and colourful peacocks that were strutting everywhere. I think I will have to add this photo to Jude’s “life in colour”. For December she is asking us to find the most colourful image we can.

Next post I will take you with us on the luncheon trip along the Tamar River.


  1. Gorgeous photos!
    Funny story: I spent the first night of my honeymoon in Launceston back in 1980. Very posh accomodation. We had the presidential suite. Just beautiful until I was advised Malcolm Fraser slept in the bed the night before. Never a Malcolm fan I opted to sleep on the floor.

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  2. What a fabulous day out, darlin! Don’t think I’d have coped with the original walk either. Wonderful that they’ve made it accessible but kept the wild feel of the place. Wishing you a peaceful, happy Christmas, Pauline, and joy in all you do.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I have given myself the day off (just had my booster shot) and am delightly catching up on your Tasmania posts!

    My knees go soft at the sight of the chairlift … you & Jack are obviously not afraid of heights!!!! Such a lovely place though, so if brave the lift you must, I guess that’s worth it!

    Liked by 2 people

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