Snakes Alive…

Go to this linkRock python (1)I am so excited to see this fellow. A beautiful Carpet Python. He was keeping very still and possibly hoping I had not seen him.

The neighbour called round 2 days ago to say he had seen the snake up in one of our trees. I have been carrying my camera around in the hope of spotting him and this afternoon when I was working in the garden I saw him.Rock python (2)He certainly has his eye on me. I hope he stays in our garden where he will be safe, as some people hate and are scared of snakes and think the only good snake is a dead one. So sad, as this species is not poisonous and quite harmless. I only hope he doesn’t find our blue tongue lizard.

Many years ago we had a resident python in our garden who came to a very sad end. Go to this link to see his story and other snake encounters we have had.

Today it was glorious spring weather and made even better for me seeing the snake.

Tomorrow rain is forecast again…



    • No I would t be happy with the brown snake that is very common in eastern Australia, it is the second most venomous snake in the world. We don’t have rattle snakes either but I think they would rattle me…

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  1. that’s a beauty! casa loca had a resident boa for several years.. we had an agreement – ‘you stay in the rafters and eat the rodents and bats, and i’ll stay down here at floor level – and we’ll get along well.’ all was fine until i was gone for over a year, and in that time the owners of the farm found a snake skin on my bed – and that was all – they had an employee move the snake outside.. i hope that’s what they did!////

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  2. There are very few amazing people like you who don’t want snakes to leave their garden.
    I write about snakes. You might want to check my blog

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  3. I could not find you Living in Paradise. Although you do live in Paradise on The Gold Coast of Australia.
    The header of your blog mislead me Living in Paradise is not your address since you retiredfromgypsylife.
    Well I have found you and do not want to loose you again.
    I deserted my post but had to return to find you in cyberspace.
    Both your posts on snakes I like especially the link to the Green-tree snakes mating that was a magic video.
    One of our many lucky days shared in Paradise.

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